HTV Trick #143 – Which Side Goes on the Mat?

Quick trick for figuring out which side of heat transfer vinyl goes on the mat.
With regular HTV, it’s usually really obvious which side is the vinyl and which side is the carrier sheet.

Shiny = Carrier Sheet
Dull = Vinyl

But sometimes you can’t tell. So if you ever find yourself flipping a piece of HTV over from side to side, wondering which way to put it on the mat, here’s a simple trick to figure it out.

Take your weeding tool, poke it in a corner, and pull the material back ¼” (no more), as if you were going to weed it. The vinyl side is much thinner so it will bend and fold, like this:

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See the poke hole in the carrier sheet? I started by poking that side, but because the carrier sheet is so much stiffer, it didn’t fold like the vinyl.

Thanks to this little test, I now know this vinyl needs to go on the mat gold side down, grey side up.



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