Valentine Hearts Doily (center of rotation tool)

FREE Silhouette cut files for SEVEN heart doilies.
One of my goals for this year is to explore a broader range of materials and Silhouette Studio tools. Today, I’m using a familiar material (cardstock), but the tutorial involves a tool you don’t hear about very much—the center of rotation tool. It’s pretty cool. It allows you to change the pivot point of an object and then duplicate and rotate it at the same time so the duplicates are positioned evenly around a circle. A couple of clicks and you can have a more complex—and beautiful—design.

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Halloween Hershey’s Kiss Holder

. . . a yummy cardstock project.

…plus how to do a cheater print & cut (Look, Ma, no registration marks!)
…and how to make invisible score lines for folding accurately
…and how to prevent the blade from picking up bits

Halloween Hershey's Kiss holder. Free Silhouette cut file.

Today I have a simple Halloween treat holder that’s a perfect fit for a single Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss. I designed it with a 3D bat―all bats should be 3D, don’t you think? All it takes to make this self-standing holder is three pieces of cardstock, a little bit of adhesive vinyl (which is optional), and a few dabs of glue.

This is a great project if you need a classroom’s worth of treats (especially if you have more time than money (or kids you can put to work!) —folks notice the cool packaging and not that there’s just one itty bitty piece of chocolate inside). And they’re terrific scattered around tables at a Halloween party—once the kisses are poked out and eaten, the holders stand on their own as Halloween décor.

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Easter Mini Bunny Garland

Cutest little bunny banner for Easter! Free cut files for the bunnies *and* the "Happy Easter" greeting.

With Easter around the corner once again, it’s time to dress up the front door window in Easter-y goodness. I had such fun with the mini bat garland for Halloween, that I set about making a similar one with mini bunnies. I figure if the bats “flew” each time the door opened and closed, then bunnies might “hop”…hee, and they do. At just over 2” tall, they’re the perfect scale for a front door or side window.

This would be a good project to do with pre-schoolers using big plastic (dull!) sewing needles and yarn. The ear slits make a nice big target hole for little hands still building fine motor control.

You’ll find two free Silhouette cut files below: one full of bunnies, if you’d like to make your own garland, and one with the “Happy Easter” greeting to cut from adhesive vinyl and apply to the window. Both are available in .studio3 & Legacy versions.

And if you’ve been thinking about trying your hand at designing from scratch in Silhouette Studio, creating a bunny head is a great project to start with. Take a peek at how I made this bunny HERE—it’s all ovals. So easy!

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Etched Glass Christmas Balls

Tips and tricks to get a flat stencil applied to a curved surface. Full glass etching instructions.

Every year I make a set of ornaments for our Christmas tree, with a few extras to use as hostess/neighbor/coworker gifts, and sometimes to adorn wrapped packages for friends. This year I wanted to do something with glass balls. I like how lights on the tree play with clear glass—so pretty—so I kept the glass plain rather than paint or glitter-ize the inside. I chose a formal script font, which, when paired with a sprig of holly on the simple glass, created a classic look I loved.

Go ahead and choose a font that fits your style…funky or modern or heavy metal or whatever…make it something you love.

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Silver and Gold Etched JOY Mirror (Ikea hack)

This project appeared originally as a guest post at the Practically Functional blog.Turn a $2 Ikea Malma mirror into beautiful gold & silver etched Christmas décor. Free Silhouette cut file and tutorial at Whatchaworkinon.comI have a confession to make… I’m an Ikea hacker from a way back. I love taking an Ikea product designed to appeal to the greatest number of people and making it my own—changing the color, personalizing it, or transforming it into something completely different more suited to my needs and tastes. Today, I’ve set my sights on the Malma mirror.

If you’re a regular wanderer through the Ikea marketplace, you’ve probably seen stacks of these mirrors in various colors over the years. At $2, the price is certainly right to do *something* with them, but the 4″ mirror is tiny as mirrors go, not terribly functional, so I’ve always walked away empty handed. When I started etching glass, though, I knew the mirror would make a terrific canvas, and brought a few home to experiment.

I present to you Experiment #1—a little spray paint, a simple etching, and some ribbon soon turned this meh mirror into a classy gold & silver framed “JOY”, perfect to hang in any room for a pop of Christmas spirit. I’ve included a free Silhouette cut file if you’d like to make one, too…

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Remembrance Day Poppies

Free Silhouette cut file for Remembrance Day Poppies ~
Free Silhouette cut file for Remembrance Day Poppies ~ Whatchaworkinon.comNovember 11 is Remembrance Day here in Canada. Starting November 1, you see velvetized 2″ plastic poppies appear on lapels across the country as a symbol of the sacrifices our soldiers made in the past so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have today. It comes from the 1915 poem, In Flanders Fields, written by Canadian soldier John McCrae. The first few lines are ones most Canadian schoolchildren know:

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,

I was asked to create tiny adhesive vinyl poppies for organizer name badges for the Field of Crosses Memorial Project. The free Silhouette cut file is available to download below if you’d like to make your own poppies, tiny or life size.

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