Merry Christmas Pillow for the Math Nerd

Free SVG & Silhouette cut files for nerdy math Christmas pillow.

Got a math nerd in your life? I have a few, one of which I’m married to. I love finding gifts with mathy puns and humor for these guys (You’ve seen my pi(e) plate, right?). This Christmas I’m making pillows with an equation, which after several iterations of working toward a solution, arrives at the answer “Merry Christmas”…in mathematical notation, of course.

The math on this one is a little over my slightly-math-nerdy brain, but it’s perfect for two of my peeps (shhh, don’t tell my husband). If you’d like to make a pillow for yourself or a math nerd near you, I’ve got the free .svg and Silhouette cut files to download below.

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Super-easy Dotty Christmas Cards

Cute & Easy Christmas Cards
The calendar’s just turned to December (woohoo!) so start the the fa-la-las and bring on Christmas!

First up… Christmas cards.

I’m in a “simplicity” phase at the moment, and, as usual, I’m short on time, so the design is simple. The cards are quick and easy to make and you can change them up simply by choosing different cardstock colors…Christmas-y red on green , blingy green on gold or super subtle white on white. I even added a few foam dots on some to add dimension. The free download file includes all of the pieces for NOeL and hohoho cards sized to fit a standard A2 envelope.

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Christmas Gift Tags 4 Ways

Free Silhouette files for 5 Christmas gift tags!
Last year I made a quartet of Christmas gift tags cut from a single layer of cardstock. This year, my tags are made of two layers—the top layer has a Christmassy cutout and the bottom layer is plain, showing through the cutout and framing the top layer. I’ve got four ways you can use them, but I bet you can think of a few more! As usual, I have the free Silhouette cut file for you so you can make your own.
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10 Stocking Stuffers to Make with Your Silhouette

…or quickie gifts for neighbors & friends

FREE Silhouette files for 10 stocking stuffers.

I keep my eye out for stocking stuffers throughout the year. Then, a few weeks from Christmas—like now—I pull out what I’ve collected to see what I have. If I’m lucky, I’ve got everyone covered…add some oranges, candy canes and enough swiss chocolate to fill in the cracks (mmm…the good stuff) and I’m good to go. Sometimes, however, I’m in need of more stocking stuffers and find myself scrambling for ideas.

Anyone else have a few hard-to-buy for folks whose poor stockings need a boost? I hear ya. Today, I’ve dipped into the Whatcha Workin’ On project vault to assemble a list of 10 ideas for quickie stocking stuffers you can make with your Silhouette. Most are suitable for a wide age range and either gender. Many of them are great for using up scraps, so no need to buy new materials.

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“Merry Christmas” Banner Card

Free Silhouette cut file for "Merry Christmas" banner card

If this card looks a little familiar, it’s because it’s a Christmassy take on the Birthday Banner Card I did last year. A blog reader (Hi, Debbie! :^) wrote to ask if I had a file for “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Birthday”. Uh, no I didn’t, but after a few minutes in Silhouette Studio, now I do. I love it when a file can be repurposed, don’t you?

I really like this design because the “Merry” banner is three dimensional, and you know me…I’m a sucker for 3D every time. The letters are threaded on a string and hang freely from the front of the card. “Christmas” is cut from temporary adhesive vinyl. And like the birthday banner card, I’ve got the free cut file you can download to make your own.

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Simple, Quickie Christmas Tree Card

Simple quickie Christmas card with cut-out dots outlining the tree, and heat transfer vinyl glitter star.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who looked at the calendar today and said, “Holy Cadiddlehopper, Batman, we’re at the end of the first week of December and I still haven’t sent out Christmas cards!  If you’re like me, this post is for you—a simple card that’s easy to cut and assemble and get in the mailbox quickquickquick. And if y’all are more organized than I am and already have your cards sent, I tip my hat to you…you can tuck this idea away til next year.

The tree, made of little circles cut out of the card, is topped with a glitter heat transfer vinyl star (or you can use adhesive vinyl or cardstock, if you prefer…I just happened to have some HTV scraps to use up).

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