Merry Christmas Pillow for the Math Nerd

Free SVG & Silhouette cut files for nerdy math Christmas pillow.

Got a math nerd in your life? I have a few, one of which I’m married to. I love finding gifts with mathy puns and humor for these guys (You’ve seen my pi(e) plate, right?). This Christmas I’m making pillows with an equation, which after several iterations of working toward a solution, arrives at the answer “Merry Christmas”…in mathematical notation, of course.

The math on this one is a little over my slightly-math-nerdy brain, but it’s perfect for two of my peeps (shhh, don’t tell my husband). If you’d like to make a pillow for yourself or a math nerd near you, I’ve got the free .svg and Silhouette cut files to download below.

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Super-easy Dotty Christmas Cards

Cute & Easy Christmas Cards
The calendar’s just turned to December (woohoo!) so start the the fa-la-las and bring on Christmas!

First up… Christmas cards.

I’m in a “simplicity” phase at the moment, and, as usual, I’m short on time, so the design is simple. The cards are quick and easy to make and you can change them up simply by choosing different cardstock colors…Christmas-y red on green , blingy green on gold or super subtle white on white. I even added a few foam dots on some to add dimension. The free download file includes all of the pieces for NOeL and hohoho cards sized to fit a standard A2 envelope.

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Revamping an Old Bag with HTV

…a “not-really-a-tutorial-but-there-is-a-free-file-show-and-tell” post

Revamp an old bag with HTV

On my last visit to the thrift shop (it’s the best place to find inexpensive glass for etching!), instead of using a regular plastic shopping bag, they packed my purchases in a zippered insulated bag. OooOOOooo, reusable. I like that. And with our frequent trips to the lake, we could always use a bag like that. The only thing was it already had a design on it, and an ugly one, at that.

Usually I create something new, but today I want to share with you how I used my Silhouette to recycle something old. Although I have links and free files for you, it’s not really a tutorial…more like a show and tell.

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Mes Fleurs

Free Cut File

Sometimes you have wall space that needs just a little something extra. That’s where this project comes in—a little design to help balance out an oblong frame above a dresser. Since the dresser is an antique and the frame contains pressed mountain flowers, I thought I’d get all ooh la la and go French with “Mes Fleurs”, which, of course, is “my flowers” in French.

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Mr. Iguana: How to apply an Over-the-Shoulder HTV T-shirt Design

How to apply an HTV over-the-shoulder design.

My neighbor asked if I would make her a shirt with an iguana on it for her next trip to Mexico. “No problemo”, I told her, pretty sure ‘no problemo’ missed the Spanish by a bit. Then she asked if I could have the iguana come over her shoulder. “Wouldn’t that be cute,” I said, wondering how I was going to make it happen.

But once I had the design cut and ready to apply, I found a great way to support Mr. Shoulder Iguana during pressing. So, if you’ve ever wanted to apply HTV over the shoulder, read on; I’ll show you how I did it. And if you’d like an iguana design, for over the shoulder or not, I’ve got the free SVG and Silhouette cut files for download, as well.

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Ray Bradbury Bee Quote Book Bag

…a heat transfer vinyl project

Free cut file for Ray Bradbury quote book bag

It seems I have the tradition of making a new book bag each time the Literary Daughterly One starts a new degree. Since she began her PhD studies this month, it’s time for a new book bag! Her past research took her deep into the life of bees, so I coupled a vintage bee image with a literary bee quote from Ray Bradbury (Yup, of Fahrenheit 451 fame. Who knew he waxed poetic about bees, too?) and cut the whole shebang from metallic gold heat transfer vinyl (HTV) for an ooh-la-la classy look. So shiny.

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