Wedding (Part 2) – DIY Banners

Free SVG & Silhouette cut files and tutorial

Welcome to Wedding (Part 2) about the banner signs. For the matching blingy table numbers go to Wedding (Part 1).

Each banner letter is made of two layers of cardstock: the cream layer, with letters cut out, and a slightly larger navy blue layer that is the background. The layers are glued together and strung on 5/8″ ribbon. I’ve got a super-easy foolproof way to line up the two layers, so assembly is quickquickquick. The free download (SVG or Silhouette file) contains the five banners I made, plus empty banner shapes you can use to create more signs, either in the same font (got that link for you!) or another font of your choosing.

Here’s what the finished banners looked like:

Free SVG & Silhouette files to make your own wedding banners

Free SVG & Silhouette files to make your own wedding bannersFree SVG & Silhouette files to make your own wedding bannersFree SVG & Silhouette files to make your own wedding bannersFree SVG & Silhouette files to make your own wedding banners

If you’re wondering about all the fabric, here’s the scoop. The reception was held in a lovely old community hall in a small seaside town. The interior was dark wood and decorated in a style that would best be described as “100 years of loving cumulative electicness”. To lighten it up and classy it up, the walls and ceiling were draped in white fabric with navy trim. Here’s the view from the head table.

Free SVG & SIlhouette Cut files for wedding table numbers

I never would have thought of it, but isn’t it dreamy? I love it.

On with the banners…

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What you need…

Free SVG & Silhouette files to make your own wedding banners

Free Download
Silhouette .studio3 Wedding Banners file HERE
Silhouette Legacy v.2 Wedding Banners file HERE
SVG Wedding Banners file HERE
Personal Use Only

The Design…

The free download file contains five banners: Free SVG & Silhouette files to make your own wedding bannersplus blank pennants in case you want signs that say something else. I added holes in each of the top corners to string the letters together with 5/8″ ribbon.

The Shape – The double-point shape has a subtle nautical feel to it to fit the wedding theme. It also has a larger usable area than a triangle pennant, which meant we could use larger letters—all the better to see them from across the room.Wedding banner font choices

The Font – The letters are in  Rennie MackintoshIts angular, Art Deco-ish 1920’s feel is a perfect counterpoint to the swirly goodness of Nouradilla, the other font used in the wedding. Rennie Mackintosh is an upper case font. Typing lower and upper case letters results in two upper case versions of most letters (compare the L’s and O’s in Welcome and Water Closets to see what I mean). I played with different combinations in Silhouette Studio to see which I liked best for each word.

I didn’t like the Rennie Mackintosh ampersand, so I snagged one from a different font.

The Size – I added a .006 offset to thicken the font slightly, and then sized it to about 650 pt (in the Text Style window/panel in Silhouette Studio). The background pennant pieces (navy blue) are 8″ x 11″, and the cream ones are about ¼” smaller all the way around. Each would cut very efficiently from an 8½” x 11″ cardstock sheet.

Wedding banners on the SIlhouette machine

The Cardstock – As I mentioned in the table numbers post, I bought oversized navy cardstock from an art supply store. I used 19½”x 25½” sheets, which made the cutting go faster since I could cut more at a time by loading a single long piece instead of several short ones. Before buying the cardstock, I created mockups in the Silhouette software to find an efficient way to cut everything and know how many sheets to buy. Here are the two layouts I used:

Free SVG & Silhouette files to make your own wedding banners

The sheets are too large for the Silhouette to handle a whole sheet at once. I cut each sheet into two strips along the length.


Cut the pennants from cardstock. If you need good cardstock cut settings, check out this blog post on how to get clean cardstock cuts.

Using a 12″ x 24″ Silhouette cutting mat will save a bunch of time and cardstock. When working with the longer mat, remember to adjust the page & mat size in the Silhouette software.


The easiest way to weed the cardstock is to weed and remove the mat at the same time. To do that, simply flip the mat over (cardstock side down) and curl the mat back onto itself. The pieces, with a little help from your fingers, will release from the mat and fall to the work surface.


Apply a bead of cardstock adhesive near the edges of the top layer.

Now, remember I said I had a super-easy foolproof way to line up the two layers? Here it is. It’s all about the holes. When designing the banners, I positioned the holes on each layer to act as registration marks. When you line up the holes precisely, the rest of the top layer will line up perfectly with the bottom layer. Bada bing, bada boom, the banners go together in no time and look great. No fiddling to try and center the pieces. How I love a good trick.

DIY Wedding banners on the Silhouette

Free SVG & Silhouette files to make your own wedding banners

Oh, and be careful of the G. In the Rennie Mackintosh font, it looks rather like a D, and it’s easy to apply the wrong side to the background (waves to Gael).

Thread the banner letters (in the right order…hee!) onto 1/2″ or 5/8″ ribbon, leaving a generous tail on each end, and your banners are ready to hang.

Congratulations, Olivia & Mason! Wishing you many years of happy adventuring together.



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Photo Credits: Venue photos are courtesy of Gael Gower & Olivia Moore.

Free SVG & Silhouette files for super easy wedding banner signs.

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