It’s Freakin’ C-c-cold in Canada Free Cut File

…a heat transfer vinyl t-shirt project…or pillow project…or?

Free SVG & Silhouette files for funny (but true!) design.

So, it’s the last day of the year, and we’ve been in a deep freeze for the last week— -26 to -33 base temps with the wind chill bumping it into -35 to -45 range. No matter which way you look at it, it’s cold out there, so when the owner of the Canadian SVGs & Designs Facebook group [waves to Lee!] issued a design challenge for “winter/cold” designs because of the  “freakin’ ccccold temps”, well, I was all over that like skates on ice.

Here are the free SVG & Silhouette files to download, in case you want to make a t-shirt or pillow or something to, um celebrate(?) winter. LOL…yeah, “celebrate”, that’s it.

Free SVG & Silhouette files for funny (but true!) design.Free File Download
Silhouette .studio3 Canada Winter file HERE
Silhouette Legacy V2 Canada Winter file HERE
SVG Canada Winter file HERE
Personal Use Only

The Design…

I designed this to be cut from two colors: white and another color (I used black). When you open the file, you’ll find the pieces of each color are grouped together to make application a breeze.

If you’re cutting this design from heat transfer vinyl (HTV), consider using flocked HTV for the car snow to give it that poofy snow-drifty look.

For instructions on how to cut and apply heat transfer vinyl, follow the directions at the “The Struggle is Real” Toddler Shirt project.

What’s with the hashtag #plugitin, you ask? When it gets cold enough, cars won’t start, so in the colder parts of Canada, we install a block heater under the hood and and keep it plugged in while the car is parked. A heavy duty extension cord goes from the block heater to an electrical outlet located in the garage (if you’re lucky enough to have a garage, but it’s unheated), or on the outside of the house, or there may even be a dedicated outlet on a post nearby.

Where’s my project?

Well, um, yeah, I kinda don’t have one. Yet. I’m at the lake for some post-Christmas R&R. My Cameo is here, but no white HTV and no shirt, so I’ll make my shirt and post pics in a few weeks, once I’m home again.

In case you’re wondering… this is what -27 with a wind chill to -35 looks like from my window right now. :^)

Winter in Canada

So, light the fire, add some Baileys to your hot chocolate, and keep warm, peeps!

Happy New Year!



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4 thoughts on “It’s Freakin’ C-c-cold in Canada Free Cut File

  1. Holy subzeropolarbear weather Eff, that’s just ridiculous! The picture is exceptional, the temperature not so much! 🌬

    1. Hahahahaha…yeah, it was pretty cold. Things freeze very quickly at that temperature…and by “things” I mean skin and body parts LOL, so you don’t want to be outside for any longer than necessary. Thankfully, we didn’t have to go anywhere, so we stayed warm inside and enjoyed the bright sunshine-on-snow view. We actually closed the door when we arrived, and I don’t think we opened it again until 10 days later when it was time to leave!

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