Christmas Carol Glass Cutting Board Pun

…a quickie Silhouette Christmas decor project with adhesive vinyl.

Christmas Punny! Free SVG & Silhouette files.

If you’ve been reading the Whatcha Workin’ On blog for a while, you know how much I love me a good pun. And when it involves Christmas and a mondegreen (fancy word for ‘misheard lyrics’), even better. When I saw the “Deep Pan, Crisp & Even” meme making the rounds on Facebook (a play on the Good King Wenceslas lyrics “deep and crisp and even” referring to the snow), I knew I needed to create a cutting board sign in the style of what the pizza box might look like.

I have a blank glass cutting board in my studio that I use as a work surface when crafting messy things. At Christmas, I scrub the crafting history from the surfaces—gotta love glass—and apply adhesive vinyl in a punny design as part of my kitchen Christmas decor. Wouldn’t this be fun to apply to a plain pizza box to serve pizza over the holidays? LOL…

If you’re not familiar with this Christmas carol, it’s a heartwarming one. You can listen to the traditional version here, the Irish Rovers version here, and read the full lyrics here. This isn’t the first time Good King Wenceslas has appeared on this cutting board. Check out the first punny King W board here (more deets on mondegreens there, too).

What you’ll need…

Christmas Punny! Free SVG & Silhouette files.Free File Download
Silhouette .studio3 King Wenceslas Pizza file HERE
Silhouette Legacy V2 King Wenceslas Pizza file HERE
SVG King Wenceslas Pizza file HERE
Personal Use Only

A few design notes…

As you can see on my cutting board, the top banner points are clipped compared to the file design. That’s because my vinyl piece was slightly too short and one side got clipped. Grrr. Since it’s a temporary project, rather than recut the vinyl, I clipped the other side to match. If I were to use this design again, I would use enough vinyl the first time to keep the points intact.

If you’re curious where my king image came from… He started out as this pizza chef with a big poofy chef hat.

Christmas Punny! Free SVG & Silhouette files.

I downloaded the SVG file from a search for “pizza” filtered for “illustration”. The image comes with a Creative Commons CC0 license, which allows for modification, so in Silhouette Studio, I ungrouped it, deleted the hat, circles, & banner, colored the mustache black, and created a crown by drawing a rectangle, double clicking on it to show the edit points, then adding five edit points across the top that I dragged to create the points. To read more about working with edit points, check out the How to Alter Clipart Tutorial, the Bunny Head with Simple Shapes Tutorial and the Jack O’Lantern with Simple Shapes Tutorial. When I had the design as I wanted it, I traced it so only the visible lines would cut.

What to do…

Mirror the design and cut it from adhesive vinyl. I used the center hinge method to place the design exactly in the center on the smooth side of the board. You’ll find a full tutorial with lots of pics at the Trio of Cutting Boards project. 

If you cut the design all in one color, the design in the download is ready to go…just mirror it and away you go. If, like me, you use two or more colors, ungroup the design (right-click, select ‘Ungroup’ from the list) to move the parts separately. Also, if you use more than one color, you can add registration marks to help line up the pieces to apply the whole design at the same time. I was in a hurry, so I eyeballed it with the help of a measuring tape. I applied the green banner first about 1¼” from the top of the glass board, and then trimmed the backing & transfer tape close to “Pizza Co.” so it fit snugly under the banner. On  mine, the edge of the pizza is about 2¾” from one side, and “always” is about 1/3/4″ from the other side.

There you go…a quick and easy project to add to your Christmas decor. Sit back and listen for the inevitable laugh that comes from the kitchen when someone discovers your “pizza box” cutting board leaning against the backsplash. Whimsy and laughter…my work here is done.

Merry Christmas!




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Christmas Punny! Free SVG & Silhouette files.

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