When a husband does this…

…and his wife owns a Silhouette.

After moving into our new house…What a woman with a Silhouette does when her husband stacks tires in front of the garage window.
Yes, believe it or not, my husband did stack the tires in front of the window. I know, right? Now, in fairness to Mr  B, I have to tell you that this garage is smaller than the one we moved from so it is chock-a-block with garage stuff waiting for organization plus several boxes and items for which there is no place in the house, and… he’s been working hard at my to-do list to get us settled inside the house. The time for the garage will come.

But in the meantime, this view from my kitchen window (and stairwell window, and bedroom window) is driving me nuts. Something had to change, and since it would be a while before a garage re-org, I decided to add something that would make me smile.

What a woman with a Silhouette does when her husband stacks tires in front of the garage window.
A little black contact paper (it’s cheap and will remove easily when no longer needed) and my Silhouette got me this happy face. Now when I look out the window and see this at the end of the yard, I smile instead of roll my eyeballs. Amazing what a little whimsy can do, eh?

I’m seriously considering adding a smiley face to the boxes in the basement waiting to be unpacked & sorted. Can you imagine coming down the stairs to a row of smiles? LOL…

Here’s the cut file for the eyes & smile if you’d like to add a happy face to an eyesore around your place:

What a woman with a Silhouette does when her husband stacks tires in front of the garage window.Free Download
Smiley Face Silhouette Studio V3 file
Smiley Face Silhouette Studio V2 LEGACY file
Smiley Face SVG

Re-size it to suit wherever it needs to go.

I cut mine from Black Con-Tact paper (check Walmart or the dollar store for super-cheap large rolls) on my Silhouette machine, but the design size was large enough I could have easily cut it by hand.

I didn’t bother with transfer tape to apply the smile, but I did use transfer tape for the eyes, just to keep them oriented properly and the right distance apart.

Where will you add smiley faces? I’d love to see. Email me a pic! I’m at eff at whatchaworkinon dot com.



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10 thoughts on “When a husband does this…

  1. Oh Eff, I love it! The smile immediately made me smile too. Thank you for the cut files too. Let us know if you put smiles on the boxes… I want to see photos of that whimsey! :))

    1. LOL… If I add smiley faces to the boxes, I’ll be sure to update with photos. Ya know?…the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of that row of smileys.

    1. Glad you like it, Bellule. I try and add smile-inducers and whimsy when I can. Makes the journey through life just a little more fun. :^)

  2. I’ve been known to draw smiley faces on all sorts of objects with a Sharpie to brighten things up. Hadn’t thought of doing it in vinyl :)

    1. Ah, a kindred spirit. :^) I have a feeling nothing is safe in your house now…vinyl smileys everywhere! LOL.

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