HTV T-shirt – Man, Myth, Legend

A quickie HTV t-shirt project today…plus a peek into the design process!

Free SVG & Silhouette files for t-shirt!
I’m working on some cool sink-your-teeth-into tutorials using new materials and new types of projects, but in the meantime, here’s a quickie cut-and-go t-shirt project.

This is a design I used on t-shirts for “mah boyz”. I thought it was fun. They were a little reluctant to wear it because they thought it seemed a little braggy. Then they realized this is exactly the sort of braggadocio you want to show your opponents when playing volleyball or basketball or [fill in the blank with your favorite team sport], so I’m happy to say the shirts are now soaking up sweat in gyms and fields on both sides of the country. Hurray!

If you’d like to make your own shirts with the names of yo’ boyz, I’ve got free cut files for you below (in both Silhouette and SVG formats), links to the free fonts, and instructions on how to add the name of your choice. And if you’re interested in creating your own original design from flourishes and lines, hang around at the end for a peek into my design process.

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What you need…

FREE Silhouette fileFree File Download
Man Myth Legend Silhouette . studio3 file
Man Myth Legend Silhouette legacy V.2 file
Man Myth Legend SVG file

What to do…

Open the file in Silhouette Studio and drag both designs onto the mat. The designs are very similar—one is missing a set of flourishes to make room for a longer name (longer than, say, five or six letters). Choose the design you want to use and delete the other one.

Add a name…
For the names, I used Foglihten No 3, a public domain freebie font from

FREE Silhouette file
It is a *dream* to weed. You’ll want to put this font at the top of your “Best Fonts for HTV” list because—get this—it weeds all in one piece…no going back to weed the inside bits. Oh, yeah…gotta love that. P.S. The whole Foglihten font family is pretty cool.

Create a text box with the name you want. (to do that, click on the ‘Text’ tool, click somewhere on the screen mat, and type in the name you want). To get an idea of what the text will look like when cut, I changed the fill color to the color of my HTV and set the line color to none. Fill and line color instructions are HERE.
Free cut file and tutorial. Quick Tip from







I added a .004 offset to the Foglihten No 3 letters to thicken them a bit. It gives them more visual weight to better match the rest of the design. Offset instructions HERE. 

The difference an offset can make.
After you create the offset, the letters will be separated into their individual parts, so be sure to select them and group them together (right-click, then select ‘Group’).

Drag the text box onto the main design. Resize the text so it looks good in the name space. (To resize, grab a corner of the selection box and drag in and out)

Size the design…
Group the flourish design and name together (hold the shift key down, select them both, right-click, then select ‘Group’). Drag one of the corners to change the size of the design.

If you’re not sure what size to make the design so it looks good on your shirt, print off a few different design sizes onto copy paper, trim close to the designs, then audition them on the actual shirt to see which one you like the best. Here’s my winning audition:

FREE Silhouette file

Cut and apply the design…
Mirror the design (select it, right-click, select ‘Flip Horizontally’) so it’s the right way around when applied, cut it from HTV (I cut a piece of HTV slightly larger than my design and put it on the mat shiny side down so it matches where the design is on the screen design mat), and weed out the non-design bits. Lots more detail on How to Work With HTV HERE.

Place the cut and weeded HTV shiny side up where you want it on a pressed shirt, cover it with a Teflon sheet or parchment paper, and press according to the HTV manufacturer’s instructions. Remove the Teflon sheet, peel off the shiny carrier sheet, cover again and press until the HTV takes on the shape of the fabric fibers underneath.

And yo, you’re done.

FREE Silhouette file FREE Silhouette file FREE Silhouette file

A peek into the design process…

I’m always curious about other people’s design processes, so in case you are, too, click HERE for a peek into how I created this flourish design using the Silhouette Studio tools.




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