Halloween Mini Pumpkin Garland

…a decorative cardstock project
………………………….and a peek into my design process

Free file for Halloween Mini Pumpkin Garland

As part of this year’s Halloween decorations, I thought I’d make up a new mini garland. Since I’d already done one with bats, Jack O’Lanterns seemed an obvious next choice.

Free file for Halloween Mini Pumpkin Garland

These pumpkins are 2-2½” to hang on a door or mantel, but they’d also be festively cute scattered across a table as a kind of super confetti. You could also cut them larger for a long wall garland or other decor.

If you’d like to make your own garland, I’ve got free cut files below with a variety of faces in two sizes. Download, cut, and away you go. For a peek at my design process, or if you’d like to create your own faces, head over to the Jack O’Lantern Silhouette tutorial for step-by-step instructions (in V3 & V4, suitable for any skill level)

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What you need…

Free file for Halloween Mini Pumpkin GarlandF
ree File Download
Silhouette Pumpkin Garland .studio3 file
Silhouette Pumpkin Garland V2 Legacy file
SVG Pumpkin Garland
Personal Use Only

Cutting the pumpkins…

The pumpkins in the file are sized and arranged to fill an 8½”x 11″ sheet of cardstock. Simply drag the size you want onto the mat and you’re ready to cut a pageful (if you use the SVG file, check the sizing). Or, if you have a bunch of orange cardstock scraps tucked away somewhere, now’s a good time to pull them out. Arrange them on the mat, ungroup the pumpkins (select them, right-click, and choose ‘Ungroup’ from the list) and drag the pumpkins to fit. The oranges don’t need to match—in fact, the more, the merrier.

Cut as many pumpkins as you need to swag your door or window. On my standard size door, I used 6-7 pumpkins per swag allowing about 1½” between pumpkins.

Finding the right cut settings for cardstock makes a world of difference. The pumpkins should be easy to remove from the mat with no bits hanging on (put that X-acto knife away!). If you need help finding good cardstock settings for your Silhouette, check out my list of tips & tricks in the Christmas gift tag project.

Free file for Halloween Mini Pumpkin Garland

Assembling the garland…

Decide what pattern you’d like, if any. I alternated large and small, and tried to make the mouths and stem directions random. (Be still, my pattern-loving heart, be still)

Thread a long piece of thread onto the needle. Mine was 8-10 feet long, but you can go longer.

One by one, thread the pumpkins together by poking the needle down one side of the stem…

Free file for Halloween Mini Pumpkin Garland

and up the other.

Free file for Halloween Mini Pumpkin Garland

I made two poke holes so the pumpkins would all face the same way and not twist sideways.

To keep the thread from getting tangled, I found it easier to work on a large flat surface. For me that meant the floor. With the thread laid out in a straight-ish line, it was easy to slide each threaded pumpkin into position without everything getting tangled or knotted.

Free file for Halloween Mini Pumpkin Garland


Hanging the garland…

There are a number of ways to attach the garland to a door or window. Rather than use tape or sticky tack, which aren’t terribly elegant and I thought might be obtrusive, I used Command brand clear mini decorating hooks.

These are the awesomest things for hanging mini banners and other light decorations.

These particular hooks are only a half-inch tall and because they’re clear they blend in with the wall…you hardly notice them. And the best part? They’re easy to remove and don’t damage the wall. You can’t tell they were ever there.

I hung the pumpkins the same way I did the bats (in fact, these are the bat pics). For the start of the garland, I just knotted a loop in the thread and slipped it over the hook.Mini bat garland for Halloween. Perfect size for the front door or window. Free Silhouette cut file with instructions. | Whatchaworkinon.comFor the “corners”, where the garland changes direction to swag back the other way, the thread just sits on the hook, held in place by the weight of the garland. Mini bat garland for Halloween. Perfect size for the front door or window. Free Silhouette cut file with instructions. | Whatchaworkinon.comIf it slips from position due to the weight of the pumpkins, just wind the thread once around the hook and that will keep the garland swooping where you want it.

Once I’d swagged my way to the bottom, I ended with another knotted loop hung on a hook.

Free file for Halloween Mini Pumpkin Garland Free file for Halloween Mini Pumpkin Garland

And from the outside lookin’ in…

Free file for Halloween Mini Pumpkin Garland

(Forgive the sloppy paint job…the previous owners, not mine…repainting is my future.)

Now all I need is a “Happy Halloween!” in adhesive vinyl. Off to find a good Halloween font…



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Free file for Halloween Mini Pumpkin Garland


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