Quartet of Christmas Gift Tags

…plus a cool mat trick to keep cardstock from curling
…and how to get cardstock to cut cleanly
…and how using Line Segment Overcut will rock your world
…and a free template for you to customize your own tag
…and a link to six more Silhouette gift tag projects with free files

Oh, my…so much to share with you today. Let’s get started!

Free Silhouette cut file for four Christmas gift tags plus a template to customize your own!~ Whatchaworkinon.com
As soon as the calendar page turns to December, the “It’s Christmas Season!!!” sign goes off in my head. I’ve been busy working on oodles of Christmassy decorations and gifts that I’ll share over the coming weeks, but today I have a quartet of Christmas gift tags for you.

Since much of my family is “away”, and gift mailing deadlines loom near, I’ll be glad to have a stack of these handy little gems at the ready. You can download the four free designs below to cut on your Silhouette machine.

Free Silhouette cut file for four Christmas gift tags plus a template to customize your own!~ Whatchaworkinon.comFree Download
Gift Tag Quartet v.3 .studio3 file HERE
Gift Tag Quartet LEGACY v.2 file HERE
Gift Tag Quartet SVG file HERE
Personal Use Only

Open the file in Silhouette Studio, cut from your favorite cardstock, and yo, you’re done. Yup. Just that quick.

Free Silhouette cut file for four Christmas gift tags plus a template to customize your own!~ Whatchaworkinon.com
Unless… [big grin] you’d like to customize your own gift tag with different words or letters or images in the circle. The free cut file above includes a template for you to do just that. If you’re an old pro at Silhouette Studio and know what to do, go for it. If you’d like instructions, I have them for you RIGHT HERE along with a peek into how I designed the template in the first place.

How to get cardstock to cut cleanly on your Silhouette!

Cut settings…

If you’re using the right cut settings, you’ll get a good clean cut. The non-design pieces (the ones you weed out) will just fall off the tags. You shouldn’t have to work to get them lose or do any extra cutting (put that X-acto knife away!). I used these settings:

Material: Cardstock (plain)
Blade: 3
Thickness: 10
Speed: 3
Double cut checked
Line Segment Overcut:
…….Start Ext. set to 0.1 mm
…….End Ext. set to 0.1 mm

Machines vary a little, and cardstock settings will range depending on the brand, but if you don’t already have cardstock settings that work, the above is a good starting point. Use the test cut feature and adjust accordingly. If your non-design pieces are still attached in spots, increase the thickness. If the blade is cutting through but is pulling up the cardstock in the corners and ruining the design, decrease the thickness.

What’s that Line Segment Overcut, you ask?

It’s pretty cool, that’s what it is. Using the default settings (Line Segment Overcut off), when the blade comes to a corner it just changes direction and keeps cutting. With the Line Segment Overcut turned on, when the blade comes to a corner, it cuts a teeny tiny distance outside the design, lifts up, turns, then goes back down to continue cutting in the new direction. At 0.1 mm, the overcut is so small, you don’t see it in the finished cut, but it’s enough to get the corners nice and crisp with no pulling up. Here’s little example to demonstrate. This cut is with the Line Segment Overcut turned off.

Free Silhouette cut file for four gift tags plus a template to customize your own!~ Whatchaworkinon.com
This is a mild example, but you can still see how some of the corners are a bit rough. Some cardstock brands/types will do this more than others, and cardstock that is a different color on the front and back will show it more (this cardstock is white on the back). Now here’s what happens when I turn on the Line Segment Overcut at 0.1 mm.

Free Silhouette cut file for four Christmas gift tags plus a template to customize your own!~ Whatchaworkinon.com
Check out those corners now. Crisp and clean. Told you this was pretty cool.

Removing cardstock from the mat…

Removing cardstock pieces from the mat can be tricky, especially if the mat is on the sticky side. Here’s a little trick that will prevent the cardstock from curling and make it easier to remove intricate designs: don’t remove the cardstock from the mat; instead, remove the mat from the cardstock. You wouldn’t think a simple change like that would make a difference, but it does. Flip the mat over so the mat is facing up and the cardstock facing down. Then bend the mat back onto itself and roll it to reveal the cardstock.

Free Silhouette cut file for four gift tags plus a template to customize your own!~ Whatchaworkinon.comThe mat is really flexible, so keep the curve small. Go slow. As you roll the mat back, the cardstock will release and stay on the work surface. Use your fingers or a Silhouette spatula to release smaller pieces.

There you go… Line Segment Overcut  AND  a cool mat trick, all in one day.

Free Silhouette cut file for four Christmas gift tags plus a template to customize your own!~ Whatchaworkinon.comFree Silhouette cut file for four Christmas gift tags plus a template to customize your own!~ Whatchaworkinon.comFree Silhouette cut file for four Christmas gift tags plus a template to customize your own!~ Whatchaworkinon.comFree Silhouette cut file for four Christmas gift tags plus a template to customize your own!~ Whatchaworkinon.com

And if you’d like more cool gift tag ideas, head on over to Simply Kelly Designs, where Kelly is featuring SEVEN gift tag ideas with free Silhouette files today, and guess whose tags are on the list!

Merry Christmas!



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59 thoughts on “Quartet of Christmas Gift Tags

  1. Thank you for these lovely tag files, they will be so useful, and also for the great tip on using the line segment overcut.

  2. These are so cute! Thank you. I’ve been using my silhouette Cameo for over a year and have never even heard of Line Segment Overcut! You can really see the difference. I am going to go try it right now, thanks for the tip.

    1. Thanks, Deb! You’re very welcome. Line Segment Overcut…I know, right? Tucked away there the whole time. I’m lovin’ it.

  3. Can’t thank you enough for the adorable Christmas Gift cards. I love them! Can’t wait to use the Line Segment. Thank you for sharing…:-))

    1. You’re welcome, Marion! Oh, that Line Segment Overcut is a *huge* game changer. Cutting cardstock, even intricate designs, is a breeze since I discovered its magic. :^)

      1. Hi Elf…cut out the Christmas tags using your line segment tip. They came out beautiful…so clean. Used kraft paper on some to go with jam I made for the holidays. Sure they’ll pare well with homemade pumpkin nut bread as well.😊 Again thank you for sharing!!!!!!

    1. Oh no. Thanks so much for letting me know, Bobbie. I’ll chase this up. Hopefully, it’ll be fixed very soon.

      EDITED TO SAY: Problem fixed. Downloads are working again.

  4. Just found you Eff and love your site…thank you so much for sharing the tags file and for the info on the Line Segment Overcut I’d never heard of it before today….as they say you are never too old to learn LOL…thanks again.

    1. You’re welcome, Maureen. Glad you found me! :^)

      Just wait til you try the Line Segment Overcut. It is such a game changer. Everything cuts so crisply for me now.

      Thanks for stopping by. Happy Silhouetting!

    1. I’m sorry you’re having trouble. :^(

      I just tried to download and had no problem. To help me figure this out, can you give me more detail about what happens when you try? What page do you land on…at what point does it not work…what does that look like, etc?

      1. I have also been having trouble downloading. I read through the comments hoping someone had a similar issue. I select the link, Christmasgifttag download open in Dropbox, file downloads. When I open it in the finder, it says “There is no application set to open the document “ChristmasGiftTagQuartet (2).studio3”. I try to manually choose Silhouette but it is greyed out so does not give me the option to use it. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Any ideas? Thanks in advance…These are just so darn cute I don’t want to give up figuring this out.

        1. The above poster had trouble downloading because I’d reached the download limit on my file hosting site. If you’re able to find the file on your computer it’s downloaded to your computer okay, so that’s not the problem here.

          Give this a try…kind of like coming in the back door when the front door won’t work: ;^) Rather than going to the file directly, open Silhouette Studio and ‘Open’ or ‘Merge’ the file by clicking on the ‘File’ drop-down menu in the upper left corner, and then navigating to the file location that way, Click or double-click on the file and it should open in the Silhouette software. Come back and let me know if that worked. :^)

  5. Can I still get the name tags like the ones with the cut out of Peace, Joy and etc. Rally like these. Have learned lots reading y our blog.

  6. These are absolutely adorable!! You wouldn’t happen to have them as a PNG or a file that I can use for my Cricut Explore Air do you?

    1. I’ve edited the blog post to include a link to download an .svg with these designs. Please note that you’ll likely have to resize them before use as the .svg rendered the designs much larger than originally designed. I cut mine about 4 1/2″ tall.

  7. Do you know….. will these instructions (or very similar, along with your SVG files) also work with a Brother Scan N Cut? Thanks!! – gk

    1. The instructions above are specific to the Silhouette software. I’m not familiar with the Scan N Cut machines, so I don’t know how similar their settings and tools are to the Silhouette’s. My understanding is that you can use .SVG files with the Scan N Cut, but I don’t know any more than that. Sorry… I would check the Brother website for the machine specs. Good luck!

  8. Thank you so much! In a time crunch and this helps tremendously. What font did you use? For when I can have some fun playing around with these.

  9. I have just found your site,i would love to try tags the instructions are very,unfortunately my computer as crash on me.i will try as soon as I’ve got it up and running.please could you tell me where I find Line Segment Oversize as I haven’t heard of it.as I do have trouble cutting clean.your instruction are very clear.
    Thanks very much Eff
    Joyce Manser.

  10. Glad you found me, Joyce! Oooo…a computer crash…ick. Hope you recover from that soon. :^)

    The Line Segment Overcut is located in the Cut Settings Window. Click on your ‘Material Type’ and you can find Line Segment Overcut in its own little section near the bottom after Speed, Thickness, Double Cut, and Track Enhancing. Click “On” and another little section will open up for you to enter Start Ext. and End Ext. numbers. It’s important to select numbers because the default is zero, so if you don’t have any numbers in there, nothing will happen. I use 0.1 for both.

    1. Thanks! I’ve used these a LOT. ;^)

      You’ll find three file types to download above. Two are usable in a Silhouette only, the third is an .svg, which should work in your Cricut. Just remember to resize the tags before using. :^)

  11. Can’t wait to try overcut. Thanks for the tips and tricks AND the cut files. Will have to go back through and check some people of your previous posts. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Just a few little changes can make such a difference, can’t they? :^)

      You’re very welcome, txgrandma. Thanks for dropping by.

      1. I tried this and it worked even better than I’d hoped. It will cut down on frustration as this has been one of the biggest issues I’ve had with detailed files. As I said, it’s genius!

        I am loving your site (can’t believe I hadn’t discovered it before!). I am going to work my way through all the posts as each one is full of amazing info. Thanks so much for sharing!

        1. Yay! I know, right? Little tricks, but the decrease in frustration is amazing.

          Thanks for your kinds words, txgrandma! If you want to be sure to catch all the posts (plus bonus info), go here and subscribe. I’ll send you an email every time I post something new (about once a week).

  12. hi! i always come back to this site, you are a true collaborator, always give all the tiny details others won’t share…
    im wondering where is this OFFSET WINDOW you talk about to make the letters chubbier so they won’t cut off. I have mine set in spanish but i manage to always find everything i see in tutorials, but this window has me kind of crazy right now.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Aw…thanks for your kind words, Adri. :^) It’s all in the details, isn’t it?

      Here’s a tutorial on how to add an offset in Silhouette Studio Version 3:


      In Version 4, it works pretty much the same way, but the Offset Panel is accessed from the right side toolbar (it’s the dark star with a star outline around it). If you hover your mouse over the icons, a little popup will tell you what the icon does. And…I should warn you: there is a glitch in V4.0.837 that the “apply” button doesn’t work in the offset panel, so hit the enter key instead.

  13. Wow! Thanks so much for your advice! I cut a Thanksgiving word art out using your settings and it turned out perfectly!

  14. I have had my Silhouette Cameo for almost a year and have never had a chance to use it. Today, I took it out of the box and was determined to figure it out. I did a few basic cut outs, but there is so much I don’t know! You make everything so clear! I have read quite a few things on Pinterest and other sites today, but yours is absolutely awesome! I have so many ideas going around in my head now, I probably won’t be able to sleep! Thank you for explaining things so clearly, sharing your expertise and ideas, and inspiring creativity!

  15. I cannot figure out how to save this… I download it and it saves on my computer as a web page and my software says I can’t open it

    1. I just tested all three links and they worked fine for me, so it sounds like something else is going on.

      First, have you downloaded the right file for your software?
      The first two links (.studio3 and Legacy v.2) are Silhouette files that will only work in the Silhouette Studio software. If you’re running v.2 or an earlier version of the Silhouette software, you must use the Legacy version. If you’re running v.3 or v.4, you can use either one. To use the third file (SVG) in Silhouette Studio, you need the Designer Edition, which is a paid upgrade. SVGs cannot be opened in the Basic Edition (the free one that comes with the machine). If you have a Cricut machine or some other cutter, you want the SVG file. The first two files (the Silhouette ones) will not work outside the Silhouette software.

      If you’ve got the right file for your software, make sure you’re opening it from within the software. That is, click ‘File’ in the upper left corner, then ‘Open’, then navigate to where you downloaded the file, and click on the file to open it.

      If this doesn’t work, let me know what machine and software you’re running, and I’ll see what else we can try. :^)

  16. I have a cricut explore air , I was trying to download the svg file but a file doesn’t come up just the dropbox inc page can you help me out? Really love these!

    1. Hmm…I just tried the link and it worked for me. I used Chrome as the browser and there was a delay of a couple of seconds before the file was downloaded, during which there was a blank screen. It doesn’t usually take that long, but today it did. Could it be you didn’t wait long enough? Give it another try. If you still can’t get it to download, let me know and I’ll change it over to another storage website.

  17. what pound cardstock are you using these settings on? what brand/type paper? keep trying on 65# and on the lettering it just doesn’t seem to do it. on the longer broader strokes its fine, but get into more detail and turns to mush. HELP!

    1. I’m using mostly 65lb as well. By decreasing the Thickness # and trying the other things I mentioned in the blog post—double cut, line segment overcut with numbers set to 0.1 or 0.2 (and it’s important to set the numbers, as the default overcut is zero and does nothing)—you should be able to find the sweet spot where the blade cuts through without pulling up any bits. If you’re using the autoblade on a Cameo 3, check that it’s setting to the right blade number and make sure it’s seated properly in the holder…it should be pushed right down with no gaps. The thing that made the biggest difference to me was decreasing the Thickness, which is actually the pressure the blade housing puts on the material. When the Thickness (also called Force in some versions of the software) is too high and puts too much force on the material, it pulls up corners and edges, so decreasing it made a huge difference.

      If none of this gets you a clean cut (it should), then it sounds like it’s time for a new blade. Cutting cardstock wears a blade much faster than other materials. Or it could be your mat…if it’s old, it could be uneven and causing issues (if the new blade has trouble cutting other materials would be a sign), or it could be your cutting strip is damaged (more of a likelihood if you cut without a mat often).

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