Mr. Iguana: How to apply an Over-the-Shoulder HTV T-shirt Design

How to apply an HTV over-the-shoulder design.

My neighbor asked if I would make her a shirt with an iguana on it for her next trip to Mexico. “No problemo”, I told her, pretty sure ‘no problemo’ missed the Spanish by a bit. Then she asked if I could have the iguana come over her shoulder. “Wouldn’t that be cute,” I said, wondering how I was going to make it happen.

But once I had the design cut and ready to apply, I found a great way to support Mr. Shoulder Iguana during pressing. So, if you’ve ever wanted to apply HTV over the shoulder, read on; I’ll show you how I did it. And if you’d like an iguana design, for over the shoulder or not, I’ve got the free SVG and Silhouette cut files for download, as well.

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Ray Bradbury Bee Quote Book Bag

…a heat transfer vinyl project

Free cut file for Ray Bradbury quote book bag

It seems I have the tradition of making a new book bag each time the Literary Daughterly One starts a new degree. Since she began her PhD studies this month, it’s time for a new book bag! Her past research took her deep into the life of bees, so I coupled a vintage bee image with a literary bee quote from Ray Bradbury (Yup, of Fahrenheit 451 fame. Who knew he waxed poetic about bees, too?) and cut the whole shebang from metallic gold heat transfer vinyl (HTV) for an ooh-la-la classy look. So shiny.

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20 of the Scariest, Funnest, Creepiest, Spookiest FREE Halloween Fonts Ever

Free Fonts for Halloween!

After last year’s ho hum Halloween, I’m feelin’ the vibe this year. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that this will be our first Halloween in the new house and I not only have a front porch, but a front door mostly made of glass (can you say ‘blank canvas’?). So, with ideas swirling in my head, I’ve been on the hunt for super-fab Halloween fonts. And, yowza, yowza, did I ever find them.

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Beginner Tutorial: How to Make a Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin using Simple Shapes in Silhouette Studio (V3 & V4)

Learn how to design in Silhouette Studio V3 & V4 by designing your own pumpkin.

Step-by-step, design your own pumpkin—or a whole family of them!—for fall projects, and then follow along to turn them into Jack O’Lanterns for Halloween decor.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Silhouette Studio design tools, this is a great project to start with to see how they work. I’ve broken the process down into easy steps and included lots of pictures. When you’re finished, you’ll have a pumpkin you created yourself, and some Silhouette design skills tucked into your belt that you can use to design future projects of the non-pumpkin type.

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How to Turn a Clipart Vine into a Letter Shape (V3 & V4)

…how to break apart clipart and put it back in the shape you want.

How to break apart clipart and put it back together in the shape you want.

If you’ve been a Whatcha Workin’ On? reader for a while, you know that my partner in (craft and decorating) crime Laura and I have been working together to create gallery walls—a wall of Vs for her and a wall of Bs for me. Today’s project is a plain white canvas V to which we applied vine-y HTV. (Scroll to the end of this post for links to other Vs we’ve made).

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Happy Birthday Bag (How to layer adhesive vinyl)

…layered adhesive vinyl on a paper gift bag

Adhesive vinyl on paper bag. FREE CUT FILES.Adhesive vinyl on paper bag. FREE CUT FILES.
Kraft bags. Anyone else in love with them? Such a sweet blank canvas—so versatile. I keep a variety of sizes on hand to use as gift bags. In a few minutes, I can personalize one for a specific person or occasion…or both!  Here’s a HAPPY BIRTHDAY design I did recently. Sometimes I add more swirlies, sometimes I swap out the black for white or the turquoise for a different color, and sometimes I swap out the brown bag for a blue, green, or other color (are they still called Kraft bags when they’re not brown???).

This design involves a little layering, but just a little, so if you’ve never layered adhesive vinyl before, this is a great first project to give it a try. The free SVG & Silhouette cutting files are available to download below, and I’ll take you step-by-step through putting it together, so let’s go!

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