5 Awesome Things You Should Know About Your Silhouette Mat

5 AWESOME THINGS you should know about your Silhouette mat to save time, save the mat, and make it easier to work with vinyl & cardstock.

Having worked with my Silhouette mat day in and day out for several years now—well, [grin], not the *same* mat for all that time…I’ve gone through a few, LOL—I’ve discovered some things about it that either save me time, save the mat, or make it easier to work with materials. So, in my ongoing effort to make Silhouetting easier for y’all, here are my top five things…nay, here are my top five *awesome* things about the Silhouette mat. Maybe some of them will be game changers for you as they were for me.

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“Does this Ring Make Me Look engaged?” Cup

…an adhesive vinyl project

Free Silhouette file for "Does this Ring make me look engaged?" cup.

Over Christmas, we had an engagement announced in our extended family. (Congratulations C & M!) So exciting! Since Valentine’s Day is also a prime time for engagements, I thought I’d share my “Does this ring make me look engaged?” travel mug in case some of you have a near and dear one pop the question (or answer it!) sometime soon.

After giving you long tutorials for the last two projects, this is a quickie project that you can cut and apply and away you go. “Away you go”… it’s a travel mug, get it? ;^)

On with the project…

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Valentine Hearts Doily (center of rotation tool)

FREE Silhouette cut files for SEVEN heart doilies.
One of my goals for this year is to explore a broader range of materials and Silhouette Studio tools. Today, I’m using a familiar material (cardstock), but the tutorial involves a tool you don’t hear about very much—the center of rotation tool. It’s pretty cool. It allows you to change the pivot point of an object and then duplicate and rotate it at the same time so the duplicates are positioned evenly around a circle. A couple of clicks and you can have a more complex—and beautiful—design.

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Customizable Cat/Dog Cuddling Services T-shirt

…a heat transfer vinyl project

Free cut file and tutorial to create your own list of services provided. Cut from htv and apply to a t-shirt.

When you have a Silhouette machine, who can resist making personalized t-shirts? Not this girl. I applied this HTV design on a t-shirt for my sarcastic, Canadian-literature-lovin’, cat-cuddlin’ Daughterly One.

It uses one font in a variety of sizes and weights to add interest in a rectangular design. I cut this one a little smaller than 4″ x 3″ to use as a chest design, but it can easily be enlarged to use as a regular size t-shirt design.

And since not everyone is a cat person, I created a dog-cuddling alternative. Both designs are completely customizable—swap out any of the sayings for something that fits your intended shirt-wearer. I’ve got everything you need to do that: free download file, free font, and full instructions.

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New Year, New Blog!

Happy New Year! from whatchaworkinon.com

Welcome to 2017! It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Y2K…remember that? But—can you believe it?—that was 17 years ago already. I hope 2017 is a year of happy contentment for you, full of creative goodness, laughter, love, health, and success.

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Christmas Gift Tags 4 Ways

Free Silhouette files for 5 Christmas gift tags!
Last year I made a quartet of Christmas gift tags cut from a single layer of cardstock. This year, my tags are made of two layers—the top layer has a Christmassy cutout and the bottom layer is plain, showing through the cutout and framing the top layer. I’ve got four ways you can use them, but I bet you can think of a few more! As usual, I have the free Silhouette cut file for you so you can make your own.
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10 Stocking Stuffers to Make with Your Silhouette

…or quickie gifts for neighbors & friends

FREE Silhouette files for 10 stocking stuffers.

I keep my eye out for stocking stuffers throughout the year. Then, a few weeks from Christmas—like now—I pull out what I’ve collected to see what I have. If I’m lucky, I’ve got everyone covered…add some oranges, candy canes and enough swiss chocolate to fill in the cracks (mmm…the good stuff) and I’m good to go. Sometimes, however, I’m in need of more stocking stuffers and find myself scrambling for ideas.

Anyone else have a few hard-to-buy for folks whose poor stockings need a boost? I hear ya. Today, I’ve dipped into the Whatcha Workin’ On project vault to assemble a list of 10 ideas for quickie stocking stuffers you can make with your Silhouette. Most are suitable for a wide age range and either gender. Many of them are great for using up scraps, so no need to buy new materials.

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