Free Files

All Whatcha Workin’ On files are free.

Where can I find them?
Visit the project gallery for a gander through the projects. Find a project you like, then click on over to the blog post to download the free file.

What file formats are your files in?
I currently offer files in .studio3 and .studio (legacy) formats, which are the Silhouette proprietary file types that can only be opened in Silhouette Studio, the software used in the Silhouette Cameo and Portrait cutting machines. A very select few files are available in .svg format. You can find those by searching SVG in the sidebar search box. I hope to offer more SVG files in the future. I’ll update this space when I’ve got more news about that.

What if I can’t open Silhouette files?
If you don’t have a Silhouette machine, you can still download the Silhouette Studio software for free to view the files and try to convert them to a pdf, jpg, or png format that you can use in non-Silhouette software.

What am I allowed to do with your files?
Free files contain images and fonts that I’ve created myself, or are in the public domain, or to which I have the commercial use rights.  Please enjoy my free files for personal use only. That means you can use them to make items for yourself or gifts, but not to sell.

Can I upload the files or links to share with my Facebook group?
No. The files themselves and download links are not to be uploaded anywhere—not to a website, forum, group, or any other place on the internet. Don’t distribute the files in any form, including download links. Instead, please refer others to specific posts so they can download files from here. Thanks muchly!

Would you like to see what I made with your files?
I sure would! Email your pics to me at eff at whatchaworkinon dot com