“Does this Ring Make Me Look engaged?” Cup

…an adhesive vinyl project

Free Silhouette file for "Does this Ring make me look engaged?" cup.

Over Christmas, we had an engagement announced in our extended family. (Congratulations C & M!) So exciting! Since Valentine’s Day is also a prime time for engagements, I thought I’d share my “Does this ring make me look engaged?” travel mug in case some of you have a near and dear one pop the question (or answer it!) sometime soon.

After giving you long tutorials for the last two projects, this is a quickie project that you can cut and apply and away you go. “Away you go”… it’s a travel mug, get it? ;^)

On with the project…

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The Starbucks Coffee Cup Project

Personalized Starbucks Coffee Travel Cup. Free Silhouette cut file and tutorial at whatchaworkinon.comI don’t know about you, but I grew up with one of those names that never appeared on anything personalized—pencils, necklaces, mini bike license plates (oh, how I longed for one of those when I was 8 years old!) or anything—so one of the cool things about having a machine that cuts vinyl is that I can now personalize my things.

When the idea for these personalized coffee mugs came through on my Pinterest feed, I just HAD to make one for myself and a few of my coffee addict friends. And for that one tea drinker in the bunch, I modified the design to create a NOT COFFEE version. See below to download the free cut file, then how to personalize it, cut it, and weed it without losing the itty bitty mermaid bits…

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