It’s Freakin’ C-c-cold in Canada Free Cut File

…a heat transfer vinyl t-shirt project…or pillow project…or?

Free SVG & Silhouette files for funny (but true!) design.

So, it’s the last day of the year, and we’ve been in a deep freeze for the last week— -26 to -33 base temps with the wind chill bumping it into -35 to -45 range. No matter which way you look at it, it’s cold out there, so when the owner of the Canadian SVGs & Designs Facebook group [waves to Lee!] issued a design challenge for “winter/cold” designs because of the  “freakin’ ccccold temps”, well, I was all over that like skates on ice.

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Christmas Carol Glass Cutting Board Pun

…a quickie Silhouette Christmas decor project with adhesive vinyl.

Christmas Punny! Free SVG & Silhouette files.

If you’ve been reading the Whatcha Workin’ On blog for a while, you know how much I love me a good pun. And when it involves Christmas and a mondegreen (fancy word for ‘misheard lyrics’), even better. When I saw the “Deep Pan, Crisp & Even” meme making the rounds on Facebook (a play on the Good King Wenceslas lyrics “deep and crisp and even” referring to the snow), I knew I needed to create a cutting board sign in the style of what the pizza box might look like.

I have a blank glass cutting board in my studio that I use as a work surface when crafting messy things. At Christmas, I scrub the crafting history from the surfaces—gotta love glass—and apply adhesive vinyl in a punny design as part of my kitchen Christmas decor. Wouldn’t this be fun to apply to a plain pizza box to serve pizza over the holidays? LOL…

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Mes Fleurs

Free Cut File

Sometimes you have wall space that needs just a little something extra. That’s where this project comes in—a little design to help balance out an oblong frame above a dresser. Since the dresser is an antique and the frame contains pressed mountain flowers, I thought I’d get all ooh la la and go French with “Mes Fleurs”, which, of course, is “my flowers” in French.

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Happy Birthday Bag (How to layer adhesive vinyl)

…layered adhesive vinyl on a paper gift bag

Adhesive vinyl on paper bag. FREE CUT FILES.Adhesive vinyl on paper bag. FREE CUT FILES.
Kraft bags. Anyone else in love with them? Such a sweet blank canvas—so versatile. I keep a variety of sizes on hand to use as gift bags. In a few minutes, I can personalize one for a specific person or occasion…or both!  Here’s a HAPPY BIRTHDAY design I did recently. Sometimes I add more swirlies, sometimes I swap out the black for white or the turquoise for a different color, and sometimes I swap out the brown bag for a blue, green, or other color (are they still called Kraft bags when they’re not brown???).

This design involves a little layering, but just a little, so if you’ve never layered adhesive vinyl before, this is a great first project to give it a try. The free SVG & Silhouette cutting files are available to download below, and I’ll take you step-by-step through putting it together, so let’s go!

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The Struggle is REAL Toddler Shirt

…a heat transfer vinyl project.

Free SVG & Silhouette Files.

We were invited to a toddler’s birthday party on the weekend. It was sure to be a fun time—all ages gathered to visit and laugh and partake in teddy bear cookies (hey, they were covered in Belgian chocolate, y’all). I was excited—not just for the chocolate, LOL—but because it meant I could make something “toddler”, which I don’t get to do very often. As usual, I have free SVG & Silhouette cutting files below for you to download and full instructions in case you’d like to make one for the toddler in your life.

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From Post-It Note to Pillow
(how to clean up traced handwriting) V3 & V4

. . . tracing handwriting and applying in heat transfer vinyl

How to trace handwriting and cut in HTV on the Silhouette machine!

I may have mentioned a few times how much I love personalizing things with my Silhouette. Cutting someone’s words in their own handwriting is about as personalized as it gets. Here’s a project to create a pillow by tracing a handwritten note—or doodle or drawing or whatever—and adding it to a cushion cover in heat transfer vinyl (HTV). These pillows are great smile inducers—just watch as you give one to a grandparent or a kid (especially if it’s the kid’s handwriting or drawing). And if the handwriting is that of someone no longer living, the pillow may become a cherished link to the past.

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