Photo Booth Props Galore

The Photo Booth Project #1

Oodles of Photo Booth Props from Whatchaworkinon.comSo…I’ve been razzing my super-crafty sister about why she doesn’t have a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine yet. Of all the people I know, she’s the one who most ought to have one. I send her cards and vinyl and pictures of projects I’ve made, and I go on and on about it when talking to her.

During our last conversation, when she mentioned she was planning a movie themed 11th birthday party for my niece, I opened my big mouth and said, “Oh!, Oh! You should have a photo booth!” She loved the idea. “And…” I said in a sing-songy voice, pushing things, “…if you had a Silhouette, you could cut all kinds of cool photo booth props.” From there the conversation took a bit of a turn and somehow I ended up agreeing to make photo booth props for the upcoming festivities. (I’ve included some free cut files below)

Here’s a photo tour of what I created, all ready to be attached to holding sticks.

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First up, the birthday girl made a special request for some Batman props.

2BatmanI print & cut the ‘Bam!’ and ‘Pow!’ out of Michaels Recollections brand 65lb cardstock and reinforced them with ovals of cereal box cardboard on the back.

The yellow & black logo is cut from colored cardstock and layered yellow on black.

The black masks are all made by applying matte vinyl (Oracal 631 equivalent) to cereal box cardboard and then cutting them out. This is a great way to use up any low quality vinyl you may have. Play with the cut settings to find what works for you; I used the “chipboard” material setting, Blade 9 or 10, and Speed 1. For Robin’s mask I used nifty textured car vinyl, which, by the way, is wonderful to work with, and looks pretty darn cool layered on top of the plain vinyl “Robin hair”.

Free Quotation Bubble Download

Download the free .studio3 Quotation Bubbles cut file HERE.
Personal use only.

Create your own text bubbles by resizing the blank bubble and layering a text box on top. I used white fill and and no line colour on the text.

For the rest of the props I used files others had created. There are lots and lots of cut files available to download for free—or little money! Do a Google Images search on “free photo booth props” and you’ll be swimming in them. I also traced a few public domain clip art images. Here are links to some of the free prop files I used:


2G;asses 1 2Glasses2 2Glasses3 2Glasses and BowtiesThere’s that textured car vinyl again on the gold swirly glasses and red glasses. The black props and pink Kanye glasses were cut from Avery adhesive vinyl applied to cereal box cardboard.

While I was pleased to get a glittery effect from the adhesive vinyl (Kanye glasses), what I *really* wanted was the super glittery look of glitter heat transfer vinyl (HTV). But applying HTV to cardboard? Would it work? I hadn’t come across anyone doing that on any of the blogs I’d read. After a little experimenting, I went to town…HTV glitter on glasses and bow ties and hats and lips and, and, and. It looks pretty cool in the photos, but it looks amazing in person. Woohoo! I applied Siser easyweed glitter HTV to cereal box cardboard first, then cut.


2LipsA mix of Oracal 651 permanent vinyl (shiny, shiny, lip gloss!), Avery glitter adhesive vinyl and Siser glitter HTV, all applied to cereal box cardboard and then cut. I glued a piece of printer paper to the back of the cut-out lips to make teeth.

Mustaches and beard…

2Mustaches2BeardI print & cut the brown mustaches and the beard. They look a much deeper brown in person. The black mustaches are cut from matte vinyl on cereal box cardboard.


2CrownsThe crowns were cut from Avery adhesive glitter vinyl applied to cardstock and reinforced with cereal box cardboard on the back (I was running low on cereal box cardboard, so had to settle for reinforcing with it rather than cutting from it). I took my hole punch to the cut remnants and used some of the tiny discarded cut pieces from the other props to add some glittery bling.


2Hats 1 2Hats 2

The pink hat and the bowler flowers were print & cut. The flower images were downloaded free from

The super sparkly gold and red glitter is Siser glitter heat transfer vinyl over cardstock (love that sparklesparkle), the grey textured hat is cut from pre-printed cardstock, and the other hats are cut from cereal cardboard covered in matte adhesive vinyl. The silver heart ribbon is Avery adhesive glitter vinyl again. Recognize the star on the top hat? (Hint: glasses)

 Quote bubbles…


I print & cut the quote bubbles and reinforced them on the back with ovals of cereal box cardboard.

My sister was thrilled, my niece can’t wait until she and her friends can ham it up in the photo booth, and I have a whole bunch of cut files all ready to go for my own photo booth some day! Oh, and of course, I will share the files with my sister when she gets her own Silhouette machine. She will get one. Resistance is futile.




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10 thoughts on “Photo Booth Props Galore

    1. Thanks, Vicki. It *was* a lot of work, but it was so fun choosing what to make, mixing and matching materials and trying new things (glitter heat transfer vinyl on cardstock…who knew? :^), that the time just flew by. My niece was thrilled. She and her friends hammed it up royally in the photo booth at her birthday party…they had a blast. And the bonus is, the props are sturdy enough that they can be reused again and again. I’m sure we’ll be seeing them pop up in family photos for years! LOL.

  1. Very cool! “EPIC” from you is high praise. Thanks, Lauren. I was thrilled to find your files and point folks to them in my links. Thanks so much for making them available! The girls had an absolute blast hamming it up in the photo booth…memories they’ll take with them for many years.

  2. Was hoping you could email me whatever photo booth props you have. Trying to plan a Gender Reveal for my best friend. New to my silhouette and having a hard time finding others. Thanks!!!!

    1. Heya, Melissa, I’ve repaired the download for the two photo booth prop files I shared in this post, so you should be able to download them now (if you encounter further problems with these files, please let me know. :^) You’ll find more props if you follow the links and search suggestions I provided above, too. Good luck with your reveal Silhouetting!

  3. Eff did all of this amazingly creative work for my daughter’s 11th bday! These props were so awesome and we have used them over and over again! Highlight of the 11th, 12th birthday, many sleepovers and girl guides’ functions! Thanks Eff and yes resistance is futile! I just need to get rid of some of my UFO’s first! LYLT!

    1. LOL… so you finally found me! :^D Creating these props was a lot of fun. Wait till you get your own Silhouette…you’ll see. Get working on those UFOs! Love you!

  4. I’m very new to HTV and was wondering when you said you applied the htv to the cereal cardboard, did you iron it onto the cereal cardboard and then cut as one or did you just stick it down to the cereal cardboard using the adhesive on the htv itself and then cut it as one? When you were speaking about the lips you mentioned gluing, so I’m just trying to figure it all out. Probably a stupid question, but I’m asking anyway. Lol.

    1. Nope, not a stupid question. :^) I used the word “glued” when describing my lips process. My bad. I can see where that could be confusing. What I meant was I “applied” the adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl (I’ve revised the blog post to say that instead).

      So, yes, for both the adhesive vinyl and the htv, I applied a section to the cardboard first, just as I would if I were applying it to anything else, and then cut it as one. For the htv, I used my iron to apply it to the cardboard.

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