The Starbucks Coffee Cup Project

Personalized Starbucks Coffee Travel Cup. Free Silhouette cut file and tutorial at whatchaworkinon.comI don’t know about you, but I grew up with one of those names that never appeared on anything personalized—pencils, necklaces, mini bike license plates (oh, how I longed for one of those when I was 8 years old!) or anything—so one of the cool things about having a machine that cuts vinyl is that I can now personalize my things.

When the idea for these personalized coffee mugs came through on my Pinterest feed, I just HAD to make one for myself and a few of my coffee addict friends. And for that one tea drinker in the bunch, I modified the design to create a NOT COFFEE version. See below to download the free cut file, then how to personalize it, cut it, and weed it without losing the itty bitty mermaid bits…

Personalize your own coffee travel mug.Personalize your own coffee travel mug.Download
Silhouette .studio3 Personalized Cup cut file HERE.
Silhouette Legacy v.2 Personalized Cup cut file HERE.
Personal use only.


This file was designed with the authentic Starbucks font, which is Gibson. To personalize the labels above, you must have the Gibson font installed on your computer. If you don’t have it, your computer will substitute another font instead and it won’t match COFFEE.  You can download the Gibson font here if you need it.

For Cricut users: I’m sorry, but I cannot supply this file in an SVG format to use on a Cricut. If it were a typical image file, I could convert it to an svg format your Cricut could use, but unfortunately this file contains elements that are part of specific tool functions in Silhouette Studio so it wouldn’t translate well into any other format. Sorry. What you can do is download the Silhouette Studio software for free, open my Silhouette files, personalize as you want, save as a .studio3 file, and then use an online file converter to convert the .studio3 file into an SVG.

This file will not fit the $2 cups from Starbucks.

UPDATE Dec/16:
The free download file now contains options for TEA, MOCHA, LATTE, and STEAMER as well as COFFEE and NOT COFFEE.

This post includes affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.

What you need…

Personalizing the design…

STEP ONE: Open the file in Silhouette Studio. Select either the outer ring you want to use (COFFEE, NOT COFFEE, TEA, MOCHA, or LATTE) and drag it onto the cutting mat.

STEP TWO: Double-click on one of the rows of letters to bring up the green text box around it. If the name you want on the cup is short, choose AAA; if your name is long, choose the smaller sized font row BBB. The smaller letters also match NOT COFFEE, so if you’re making the NOT COFFEE version, you may want to choose BBB even if you have a short name. (Note: I mixed up the font sizes in the photos. CHRIS’S should be larger font and REACE’S should be smaller font to match COFFEE and NOT COFFEE respectively…heh, it happens to all of us, dontchaknow)

STEP THREE: Highlight all of the letters from the left up to but not including the apostrophe. Type in the name you want in uppercase letters.1 type in nameSTEP FOUR: While the text box is still green, click on the circle with the plus sign symbol (A) and holding down the mouse, drag the box above the red circle and then down until the2 hoversymbol touches the circle and the letters snap onto the circle. The circle will automatically change from red to grey and from ‘cut’ to ‘no cut’.

As long as the green box is visible, the text is editable, so now’s the time to adjust the character spacing (B), if you want it a little tighter or looser. As you can see, I changed my character spacing to 96 to smunch the letters a little closer together.3 snap to circle
If you’re happy with the spacing, make sure the name is selected, either a bright green box as above or a grey one, right-click then select ‘Convert to Path’. This will separate the name from the circle. Go on to STEP SIX.

If you’re not happy with the spacing, don’t worry, it’s fixable. Some names end up with the letters evenly spaced, such as GAEL’S above, but some names result in uneven letter spacing such as this:Make your own personalized coffee mug decal.~

Check out the big space between the O and N and between the A and apostrophe, the little space between the N and A, and a medium amount of space between the F, I, and O. If you’re okay with that—some people are…no judgement here—make sure the name is selected, either a bright green box as above or a grey one, right-click then select ‘Convert to Path’. This will separate the name from the circle. Go on to STEP SIX.

Personally, the uneven spacing drives me nuts. I want consistent distance between letters―something close to the spacing between the N and A above―so I’m going to fix FIONA’S. Click HERE for instructions on how to fix uneven character spacing. If you’ve already converted the name to path (as in the beginning of STEP FIVE), then click ‘Undo’ in the top toolbar to reverse that command before following the link. When you’ve fixed the uneven letter spacing come on back and continue with STEP SIX.

STEP SIX: Once you’ve got the name looking the way you want it and have separated it from the ring (see STEP FIVE), drag the nameover top of the COFFEE outer ring (or whatever ring you chose) and center it floating in the upper ring area.4 position nameSTEP SEVEN: Hold the shift key down while you select the name and the outer ring. Release the shift key. Right-click then select ‘Make Compound Path’. The outer ring will turn red.

STEP EIGHT: Resize the rings to the size you’d like (I resized to 3″) To do that, click on the ‘Open the Scale Window’ icon (C), uncheck the ‘Lock Aspect’ box (D), and change the numbers in the Width window (E) and Height window (F) to 3.000 or whatever size you want. Then click ‘Apply’ (G). resizing

The Mermaid…

You can find the mermaid on Wikipedia.

If you have the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software
Click on the  image and download the SVG file by clicking on the download symbol on the right near the bottom (that’s the bar with a downward arrow on top) and following the prompts. Merge (or copy & paste) it into the file with the rings. Drag it into the rings and resize it (drag the corner of the image) so it fits nicely inside the rings. Then turn on the cut lines by selecting the mermaid, clicking on the ‘Cut Settings’ icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and then in the ‘Cut Style’ section, select ‘Cut’.

If you have the Silhouette Studio Basic Edition software
Click on the “More Details” box in the lower right corner. This will take you to another image page. Right-click on the mermaid image and select ‘Save Image as’ to save the image as a .png file. Open this file in the rings window by using the ‘File’ dropdown menu in the upper left corner…select ‘Merge’ and then navigate to where the mermaid downloaded, and click to open. You’ll need to create cut lines by tracing. Here is a super-easy tracing method that will work well. Drag your tracing into the rings and resize it (drag the corner of the image) so it fits nicely inside the rings.

CuttingPersonalize your own coffee travel mug.

Cut the design in permanent vinyl (I used Oracal 651). Traditionally, the outer ring is green and the mermaid center is black, which is what I like to do. Of course, one of the beauties of personalizing is that you can choose whatever combo your heart desires, so go wild if the fancy strikes.

Now, have you ever had the cutting blade pull up the same bits of a design on every cut? Your blade and mat are relatively new and you’ve tried all the usual things—checked cut settings, and reduced speed & thickness—but the same pieces, usually tiny ones, keep getting dislodged in the cutting process? Next time this happens, try rotating the design 90º (select the image, click on the ‘Open the Rotate Window’ icon in the upper toolbar, and select ’90º CW). This will change how the blade interacts with the vinyl, and often that’s enough to keep the tiny pieces where they belong. Do this with the mermaid…it makes a world of difference.

In the Cut Settings window in the upper right tool bar, I used: Cut Mode: Standard, Cut Style: Cut, Material Type: Vinyl, Blade: 2, Speed 3 (I get into less trouble when I slow things down), Thickness: 4, (a lower number means less likelihood of the blade pulling up tiny vinyl bits) and Double Cut box checked.Personalize your own coffee travel mug.


The green outer ring is easy to weed using a hook tool or dental pick to remove the excess pieces of vinyl from around the design. The black mermaid, on the other hand, is almost impossible to weed the usual way without losing the nose and mouth. They’re so small they tend to move around and may even come off the backing altogether. Here’s how to get around that:

Weed the black mermaid except for her face (remove the background vinyl plus (H),(K),(M),(N)). Apply transfer tape to what’s left and peel off the white backing.Personalize your own coffee travel mug.In the above image, I’ve applied the transfer tape, but haven’t removed the backing yet. Place the mermaid on the Silhouette mat, transfer tape down, sticky vinyl up. Hold the transfer tape with one hand and, starting at the chin, use the hook tool to gently weed the main section of the face. It comes out in one piece, leaving the mouth, nose, and eyes behind. Personalize your own coffee travel mug.Now to weed the eyes. And oh, are they super tiny—see the speck on the end of the pin below?—too small for the hook tool or dental pick. In fact, I used a pin to pluck out the tiny eye bits. In the image below, the first eye is waiting to be weeded (P), and the second eye has already been weeded (Q). Personalize your own coffee travel mug.

Applying the vinyl…

Vinyl will stick better if you remove grease, fingerprints, and dirt from the surface before applying the vinyl, so, using a few drops of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) and a facial tissue, clean where the design will go on the travel cup. Allow to dry. Apply the vinyl as usual, burnishing (rubbing) it really well with a squeegee before removing the transfer tape. I like to apply the mermaid first, and then the outer ring over top.Personalize your own coffee travel mug. Personalize your own coffee travel mug. Personalize your own coffee travel mug.Personalize your own coffee travel mug.

Bottoms up!




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Silhouette_Ultimate_Guide_V4_1024x1024now234wideA great Silhouette resource…

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The Ultimate Silhouette Guide will help you replace your frustration with confidence. This guide clearly explains the Silhouette Studio design features and how to use them, and goes over all the cut settings to get you up and running and figure it all out quickly. It’s like having a mountain guide on that steep hike up the learning curve.  Click on the book image for more information.


























180 thoughts on “The Starbucks Coffee Cup Project

  1. Hello, just wanted to say Thank you for the link , I’ve been looking all over for the Starbucks logo for my daughter. I just have one problem, when I try and cut the mermaid on my cameo it says ready but it will NOT cut , any suggestions ??? Thank You again …

    1. You’re very welcome, Denise! I’ve had such fun with this cup. I hope your daughter will, too.

      As to why the mermaid won’t cut, it sounds like she could be set to “No Cut”. Select the mermaid, then in the Cut Settings window check that the cut style is set to “Cut”. Did that work? :^)

      1. Thanks for the quick reply and yes ma’am it Worked…Your Awesome Awesome Thank You …looking forward to seeing what awesomeness u hAve for us try next…..

        1. Woohoo! Glad it worked. :^) LOL…thanks for the kind words. I have lots of cool projects coming up…looking forward to sharing them!

        1. Unfortunately, you can’t. If it were a typical image file, I could convert it to an svg format your Cricut could use, but this file contains elements that are part of specific tool functions in Silhouette Studio so it wouldn’t translate well into any other format. Sorry.

      2. I see this post is from 2015 but I am a total newby and found this to have so much good information in it. Thank you so much for sharing. I have subscribed and look forward to learning more from you.

    2. Please help……..I have a Cameo Silhouette 2 and can download the above file. However there is no mermaid?
      thank you for your assistance with this file

      1. The tutorial in the blog post above explains in detail where to find the mermaid and how to use her, so I’m going to scooch you back up there. :^)

          1. The link takes you to an electronic image that’s in SVG format. It’s downloadable onto your computer by clicking the download icon in the lower right corner. If you have the Designer Edition or above of Silhouette Studio, that’s what you need…just open it in Silhouette Studio and you’re ready to go.

            If you have the Basic Edition of the Silhouette Software, you need the image in a different format, and for that it appears that Wikipedia has changed how they do things so my original instructions to cut and paste no longer work. Is that what caused you issues? Sorry! :^) I’ve edited my instructions in the blog post to reflect the new way Wikipedia is doing things.

            I’m glad you were able to get the image you needed. Thanks for letting me know there was a problem so I could fix it. Happy New Year to you! :^)

  2. Oh, no! Sorry you’re having trouble, Sylvia. No, you don’t need the Designer Edition to open the file. Hmm… What version # of Silhouette Studio are you running? (to find out, open Silhouette Studio, click ‘Help’ in the top tool bar, and select ‘About Silhouette Studio’…a pop-up window will appear that includes the version you’ve got).

    1. I saved the files in .studio3 format, so if you’re running version 2.something, that could be the reason. If you, or anyone else reading this :^), needs any of my files in V2-readable format, let me know in the comments or drop me an email and I’ll send/post it for you. Maybe I should publish both versions in my posts?

      EDITED TO SAY: I have updated the post to include the Legacy v2 file. Here it is, in case you missed it: Future posts will contain the Legacy files as well as the .studio3 files and I’ll eventually go back over old posts to add them in there, too. If you need a Legacy file of something in the meantime, shoot me an email: eff at gmail dot com.

  3. Where is your clear transfer tape from? I’ve been using clear contact paper for most projects, but I love that yours has the grid on it. Thanks!

    1. This is funny, Courtney. :^) I actually used clear Con-Tact paper as transfer paper for this project. You can see it in the first picture in the weeding section, where I’d already applied it. The grid in the rest of the weeding pictures is the Silhouette mat that I stuck the mermaid to to hold it in place while I weeded.

      But…having said that, about half the time I use a second type of transfer tape, and it does have a grid: Cricut brand = To see it in action, head over to my whimsical glass-etched vase project where I used it to apply the vinyl stencil:

      Some folks really like gridded transfer tape. Me? Not so much. I find the grid distracting because it usually doesn’t line up with either the design or where the design is to be placed. I like the weight of the Cricut transfer tape, but once I’ve used up my supply, I plan to buy a big roll of non-gridded transfer tape from a local vinyl seller.

  4. I LOVE these. This was a great example of showing how to place words on a curve. Also I have to say I love the way you do your “quick tips” is really helpful. I have a pretty common name but I think I curse my daughter (Addison) with a name that won’t appear on many personalized objects. Lucky for her though, I can create her anything personalized! Also, way to look out for that non-coffee drinking friend (although, can I just say…how does one survive without coffee?!). Will be pinning to our new Silhouette board!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Sam! Glad the “quick tips” setup is working well for you. That’s great to hear. I sure love my coffee, so no “not” for me, either. LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. can you send me this in the 2 version? I couldn’t update my silhouette so still have the old version and would love to make this for my daughter

    1. I wish I could, but it’s not a typical image file. The file contains elements that are part of specific tool functions in Silhouette Studio. It wouldn’t translate well into .svg. I’m sorry.

  6. Thank you so much for this file! What a great gift idea. I am having trouble with the font on the names. It seems like it changed and doesn’t match the “coffee” font. Do you know the name of the font you used for the “coffee”. Maybe I don’t have that Font installed????

  7. You’re welcome, Gretchen! It’s a fun project. :^) As explained in the introduction, this design uses the actual Starbucks font, which is Gibson, and a link is included to download it. Once you have Gibson font on your computer your fonts should match.

  8. Thank you so much for this!! I made my hubby a cup last night and had it filled and ready for him to leave for work today and he LOVED it!!

    Thank you again!!

    1. You’re welcome. What a great surprise to start your husband’s day! Thanks for the feedback, Stephanie. Have as much fun with your future projects.

  9. Thank you for this wonderful design. Also, I am looking for a travel mug with a little thicker rim. The one in the photo seems to fit the bill. Would you tell me where you got this one?

    1. You’re welcome, Sue! These cups are great. I bought them at a local shop. Sorry…not much help to you. Good luck in your search. :^)

    1. Although some folks have had success washing vinyled cups in the dishwasher, items with applied vinyl are not considered dishwasher safe. However, if you use a permanent adhesive vinyl such as Oracal 651 or equivalent, and apply the vinyl correctly to a clean, smooth surface, you can hand wash with soap & water no problem. So…application:
      —apply to a clean surface (final cleaning should be isopropyl alcohol and allowed to dry),
      —don’t touch the adhesive…that’ll affect the stickiness,
      —don’t apply in extreme temperatures…too hot and too cold both hinder application.
      —burnish it really, really well with a scraper. The adhesive is pressure sensitive, so for maximum stuck-down-ness (new word there! LOL), apply lots of pressure and cover the entire design, especially the edges.
      —allow the adhesive to cure for several days before using or washing the cup. If you wash it in the first 24 hours, it’s likely the vinyl will pull off, perhaps altogether.

      Properly applied, properly washed, a vinyled cup will last a long, long time. Go for it, Jodi! :^)

      1. awesome!! Thanks so much for the thorough answer. I will have to do that. i REALLY need to make one for my sister for christmas. she is a starbucks fanatic. my mom and I are fans of their tea :)

        1. You’re welcome. :^) The “NOT COFFEE” version is for folks like you and your mom. OR…if you play around in Silhouette Studio, you can change that to “TEA”, instead. ;^) Have fun making your cups!

          ***Edited Dec/16: the download file now contains a ring for TEA.

  10. Gave one of these as a goodbye gift to a coworker yesterday… have quite a few envious coworkers who want their own now :) These are just too much fun. Any tips on smooth application? I have hit a few bumps in the road and need to get better at this.
    thank you again for sharing

    1. You’re welcome, Jodi! I just work slowly, from the center out, rubbing with my fingers and massaging the vinyl into place, and that’s worked fine for me. Once the vinyl contacts the cup, it’s stuck, so there’s not much wiggle room…re-positioning is difficult, if possible at all. If you’re getting air bubbles or wrinkles, you could try the wet method of applying vinyl. It gives you the ability to re-position the vinyl for a while after you’ve applied it. I haven’t written about it yet, but do a Google or Youtube search and you’ll get some good references. :^)

  11. I am following the directions……really good, BTW :-) …but when I reach the point that the circle turns red, mine doesn’t. I just got my Silhouette Cameo, so I am very new at this. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. You mean in Step Seven, right? You have to select both the name you just typed in AND the coffee circle design at the same time (select one, then hold down the shift key while you select the other…they should both show as being selected…e.g. they both have boxes around them indicating the length & width), then release the shift key, right-click and select “Make Compound Path” from the list. The circle should turn red to indicate the whole design has been made into a compound path.

      I just downloaded the file and tested it following the instructions in the post and it worked fine for me. Try it again, one step at a time. If it still doesn’t work, then I would close Silhouette Studio, shut off your computer, turn it back on and try again. Sometimes if you’ve had things going for too long or a lot going on with big files etc., the software gets glitchy and a reboot will set things right again. Let me know how it goes! :^)

  12. I just wanted to add that I LOVE the idea of personalized Starbucks stuff, however, DON’T SELL IT! It’s already copyright infringement to alter the logo itself, but selling it can get you into bookoos of trouble. Thanks for the cut file!

    1. You’re welcome! You raise a good point that needs underscoring:


      That’s why I marked the file “Personal Use Only”. The current logo is actually just the center part with the mermaid—which I’ve left unaltered—and it’s my understanding that the company is aware that folks are personalizing the ring and is okay with that.

  13. These are the BEST instructions!!! I do not usually do good following long instructions, I love how yours are to the point and very thorough! One quick question, for the mermaid in the center do you have dimensions for that or just fit to size? I can’t believe I learned this so quickly, I’m so excited and can’t thank you enough!!

    1. Wow, Jenn, thanks! :^) Glad they worked for you. :^) The mermaid in the file is sized to fit 3″ outer rings, which is why the instructions had you reduce the rings to that size, but I realize with your question that I never did explain what to do with the mermaid if you wanted a different size (Doh! I’ve edited the instructions to be clearer. Thanks!) So, yes, you can just fit to size if you like, or you can reduce the rings to 3″ first, drag the mermaid into the rings, select them both, and either drag a corner to get the size you want or use the ‘Scale Window’ as in the instructions to get a very specific size.

  14. I know this may be a long shot. I have wanted a machine for so long and just got the cricut. Is there anyway to use your file for my machine? I have not opened it yet and I am already finding that most of the files available are for the silhouette and have not heard of it until now! Thank you in advance for your time.

    1. No, Wendy, I’m afraid not. I created the file to go along with the Silhouette tutorial in the blogpost so the file contains elements that are part of specific tool functions in Silhouette Studio. It wouldn’t translate well into .svg. I’m sorry. Any chance you can return your Cricut for a Silhouette? ;^)

  15. Hello! I was wondering where you get your cups? These are my go-to teacher gifts this year! Thank you for the wonderful tips!

    1. You’re welcome, Dawn! The cups in this blog post came from a local liquidation place. Sorry… :^) I know that’s not much help to you! Good luck finding what you’re looking for.

  16. Hi, I love the project, but I can’t open the files. I have a Cricut Explore, not a Silhouette. I am also on a Mac, if that makes a difference. Do you have any suggestions that might help me? I really appreciate it. Thanks.

    1. The file is in a Silhouette specific format so you need the Silhouette software in order to open it. If it were a typical image file, I could convert it to an svg format your Cricut could use, but unfortunately this file contains elements that are part of specific tool functions in Silhouette Studio—it wouldn’t translate well into any other format. Sorry.

      I’m not familiar with the file formats Cricut can use, or whether you can trace with the Cricut software, but if you can work with pdf or jpg or png formats and trace, what you could try is download the Silhouette Studio software from the Silhouette America site (it’s free), follow the tutorial in the post to create a design with the name you want, then save it as a pdf or screenshot it as a jpg or png to import and trace in your Cricut. If you try this, let me know if it works. :^)

    1. It’s not dishwasher safe, but if you apply the vinyl correctly to a clean, smooth surface, you can hand wash with soap & water no problem.

      —apply to a clean surface (final cleaning should be isopropyl alcohol and allowed to dry),
      —don’t touch the adhesive…that’ll affect the stickiness,
      —don’t apply in extreme temperatures…too hot and too cold both hinder application.
      —burnish it really, really well with a scraper. The adhesive is pressure sensitive, so for maximum stuck-down-ness (new word there! LOL), apply lots of pressure and cover the entire design, especially the edges.
      —allow the adhesive to cure for several days before using or washing the cup. If you wash it in the first 24 hours, it’s likely the vinyl will pull off, perhaps altogether.

      Properly applied, properly washed (do not soak), a vinyled cup will last a long, long time. It’s more than six months since I made these guys and they’re still going strong.

  17. I am so thankful that you shared this. Not only is this logo on a mug a perfect gift for my coffee-addicted, Starbucks-loving friend, the tutorial is very well done. Love the tip about rotating a file 90 degrees.

    I learned a lot. Thanks again!

  18. Thank you SO much! I was looking for something “small” for my coworkers christmas gifts, and this will be perfect! Your instructions are awesome!
    Lots, and lots of thanks!
    // Jo from Sweden

    1. Thanks, Jo! You’re very welcome. Don’t you love it when that light bulb goes off in your head and you know exactly what you’re going to do? :^) Thanks for leaving a comment.

  19. Do you happen to have the logo with “Starbucks Coffee” instead of editing for another name? I have a Silhouette with Designer Edition. Thank so much!

    1. No, sorry, Jennifer, I don’t. :^( This project is just about the personalization. Starbucks has a really good selection of coffee mugs with the full logo on it, though.

  20. hi there,
    I’m having trouble downloading the gibson font to silhouette studio. i have the latest version but it keeps saying the files not supported. how to proceed? thanks so much in advance :)

    1. Downloading fonts is a computer thing…you don’t download a font “into Silhouette”. Silhouette has access to whatever fonts are installed on your computer, so you need to download and install the font on your computer in order for it to be available in Silhouette. For me, using Windows, that means going to the file folder the font downloaded into, clicking on the zip file, then clicking on the font file. A window opens and I click the “install” button. The font is now installed on my computer and the next time I open Silhouette Studio, it’ll appear in the Text Style window as one of the font choices. If your Silhouette Studio software is open when you install a font, you’ll have to close it and reopen it for the font to be accessible in Studio. If you’re on a Mac…sorry, I don’t know what the process is…you could Google it. Good luck! :^)

      1. You are absolutely right. Just figured that out, thanks so much for responding and helping me create this lovely gift. Xoxo God bless.

  21. Just to be clear on the outter ring….I’m to size it to 3″? I bought the reusable star bucks cup which has the mermaid so I’ll just need the outter ring.

    1. To fit the mermaid center in the file, yes, size to 3″, then resize them together if you want a larger overall design. I don’t know what ring size you’d need to fit the reusable cups. You may actually need a ring that is slightly oblong to fit the mermaid on the cup. If you use this file for that, I would suggest you cut test rings from cardstock until you get a good fit, rather than waste vinyl.

  22. thanks for the awesome download……wish I could use it, but I have a Cricut Explore and it will not import unless its an svg file :(

    1. If it were a typical image file, I could convert it to an svg format your Cricut could use, but unfortunately this file contains elements that are part of specific tool functions in Silhouette Studio so it wouldn’t translate well into any other format. Sorry.

  23. I am trying to change the word “Coffee” and I am having some problems. I type the text but when I try to snap it around the bottom of the gray circle, it is snapping to the outside of the circle but it’s reversing my letters and turning them upside down. Any advice on what I’m doing wrong?

    1. Snapping the text to the bottom is a bit tricky. I find a less direct way works best. What I do is snap the text to the inside of the circle first (the letters will be all squished together, but don’t try to fix them), then grab the slider bar toggle (to the left of the text) and drag it down. The text will shift from the inside of the circle to the outside. The letters may be too far apart now, so adjust the character spacing to get the spacing you like. Let me know if that works for you. :^)

      1. THANK YOU THANK YOU — I have been struggling trying to change “coffee” to “latte”. I was having the same issue. Now off to try your explanation!

  24. Thank you so much. I was really wanting this. I just love your site. Your so crafty. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing all your projects. I have more on my list to do then i will ever get to, but I sure enjoy looking at yours. Also, thanks for all of the helpful tips. They sure come in handy.

    1. Glad you’ve discovered some interesting projects here, and that you’ve found the tips helpful. Thanks for your kind words, and for taking the time to share them with me. You made my day! :^)

  25. thanks so much for this post….I love it.

    I download the Gibson but it won’t open in my silhouette. do you know what I should do please? many thanks

    1. A previous commenter had a similar problem and this worked for her. Give it a try. :^)

      Downloading fonts is a computer thing. Silhouette simply accesses whatever fonts are installed on your computer, so you need install the font on your computer in order for it to be available in Silhouette. For me, using Windows, that means going to the file folder the font downloaded into, clicking on the zip file, then clicking on the font file. A window opens and I click the “install” button. The font is now installed on my computer and the next time I open Silhouette Studio, it’ll appear in the Text Style window as one of the font choices. If your Silhouette Studio software is open when you install a font, you’ll have to close it and reopen it for the font to be accessible in Studio. If you’re on a Mac…sorry, I don’t know what the process is…you could Google it. Good luck! :^)

  26. Hello, TY so much for this great tutorial. I downloaded Gibson and it shows up in Photoshop, Word and Silhouette Design drop down lists. When I type it in Photoshop and Word it appears thick and just like the “COFFEE” portion of the Starbucks logo. When I copy paste from Word or directly type the custom name (in caps) in Studio it appears significantly thinner than the word COFFEE. Any insight? TY

    1. Wow…that’s a new one on me. If it appears in your font menus, then it’s installed on your computer and should work properly in Silhouette Studio. Try closing Silhouette Studio, restart it, and open the downloaded .studio3 file again (not the one you were working on that gave you trouble, but the fresh from download file…a completely new start). Sometimes things go a little awry in Silhouette Studio and need a reset. Hopefully, that will work. If it doesn’t, I would try rebooting your computer (shut it down and restart it). Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

  27. Hey!
    thanks for this, its awesome. Im having an issues with size. i did it just like yours and it came out massive!!!
    I’m trying to get it around the tumbler size cups. Any suggestions as to what size I should be using?
    and I had the same problem as Stephanie with the size going skinnier so werid!

    1. Following the tutorial will result in a 3″ ring. If yours ended up larger than that, I’m guessing you skipped Step Eight? ;^) I like the look of a 3″ ring on the standard-sized travel mug I used in the tutorial. Some folks like it a little larger.

      Re: the skinny letters… Stephanie didn’t reply, so I don’t know if closing the program or rebooting her computer worked for her. If you haven’t tried that, I would to see if it works.

      After thinking about this for a while, I also realized that if you download the Gibson font from the tutorial link, but DON’T install it (and the two are distinctly separate operations and you must do both to have the font available for use), AND you already have a version of Gibson installed on your computer (it’s not a PC stock font, is it stock on a mac?), then your computer will access the Gibson already installed and not the one you just downloaded.

      Like many fonts, there are several iterations of Gibson (regular, italic, bold, etc). What you downloaded is just one of those, and it may be different from the default Gibson already on your computer. To test this, follow the tutorial to put in your name, but when it gives you the skinny letters, go back to the text styles box and see if you have the option of choosing “Bold” (located to the right of the font list). If you do, highlight your text, and choose “Bold”. Do the letters match now? If not, and you have options other than Italic, try them all. Let me know if that did the trick! :^)

  28. Thank you, thank you! Your directions are great! My first attempt was (mostly) successful! (I lost the nose!) Do you have a suggestion for how to deal with the counters in the “R” letter? My name had two, and I really struggled with them. -Jamie

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for your kind words. Ah, that nose…LOL. Do know you’re not the the only one to have lost it. :^) Some vinyl brands stick better to the backing than others, so if coming off while cutting is a problem, you could try switching brands. Oracal, 3M, MacTac, & Avery are all tops in my book.

      The best advice for little bits—especially that nose!— is to use the reverse weeding technique (as described in the tutorial) because the vinyl sticks much better to the transfer tape than it does to the backing. And take your time…for the nose and other little bits such as the counters, I approach them slowly and hold them down with my hook tool (or a pin or tweezers…whatever works) while gently & slowly pulling the background off around them. I don’t use reverse weeding on the rings, but there’s no reason you couldn’t…it would help keep the counters where they belong (the A counter is pretty tiny, too). Good luck!

  29. I can’t wait to try this but I must be doing something wrong. I cannot highlight the letters to change the name. Sometimes I feel really dumb.

    1. Jenny, I think this might be an easy fix… It sounds like you don’t have an editable text box. Like any text box, the one in this file must have the green edit box around it in order for you to be able to edit the text inside. Click twice on it (Step Two) to reveal the green box. You should be able to highlight the letters and change them now. Did that work? :^)

  30. HELP, I am unable to downloading the starbucks logo. I keep getting an error message. It tells me that it is not a valid bitmap? Can you please e-mail me maybe with a link for it. Thanks so much

    1. The link I email you will be the same one that’s in the blog post, so that won’t help. It sounds like you can download the file, but you’re having trouble opening it. Is that right? It’s not a bitmap file, it’s a Silhouette Studio file that can be opened only in the Silhouette Studio software. If you’re getting the error message “not a valid bitmap”, it sounds like you’re trying to open the file in imaging software other than Silhouette Studio. That won’t work. Open it in Silhouette Studio, instead.

      Also, I’ve included two types of Silhouette files for download—the .studio3 and the Legacy .studio versions. Both will work if your version of Silhouette Studio is 3.somethingsomething, but you if you’re running an older version of the software (2.somethingsomething or 1.somethingsomething), you must use the legacy .studio version…the .studio3 won’t open in the older versions. You can see what version you’re running by clicking on ‘Help’ in the upper toolbar of Silhouette Studio, and choosing ‘About Silhouette Studio’.

      Did that help, Christine? If not, tell me more specifics of what you’re trying to do and I’ll try to figure out a solution. :^)

  31. How do you avoid copyright issues with the starbucks siren being replicated? I have so many friends that want one now that I’ve recreated it and don’t want to get into any trouble.

    1. Copyright and Trademarks are in place to protect a company’s image and income stream. If you look at the copyright notice in books/magazines, they always say something like ‘No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form…, but people do all the time by photocopying a cartoon to put on the fridge, for example, or scanning a recipe from a magazine or cook book to mail or email to mom. That kind of thing, while technically copyright infringement, is an accepted (and excepted) use. Now if someone took that cartoon or recipe and sold it, either as-is or repurposed it into artwork or put it on a tea towel or something and then sold it, that use is *not* acceptable. It takes income away from the copyright holder. Also using the cartoon or recipe publicly in a way that would defame the magazine or make it look bad is not okay.

      And those are the tests I use for the personalized Starbucks cups. 1) Am I putting Starbucks in a bad light by creating these personalized cups? No. In fact, one could argue that Starbucks benefits from extra advertising, albeit limited to the reach of a few cups (I’ve only made a few for personal use or as a gift for a close family member/friend). 2) Am I taking income away from Starbucks? No. I’m making something Starbucks doesn’t sell, so I’m not competing with them or taking business away. And I never sell these personalized cups. Ever. I’ve been asked many times, but I always decline. Starbucks has the right to earn money from the logo, I don’t.

  32. Hi I am unable to copy the mermaid image into Silhouette. Every time it pastes the website? Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Yes. :^) But it’s an easy fix. When you get to the website and click on the mermaid image, it takes you to a page with the mermaid in the middle. On the right side, near the bottom is a symbol made up of a bar under a down-pointing arrow. Click on it and then click on “Download original file” in the window that pops up. This will open another pop up window…click save, and the file will be downloaded into the downloads folder on your computer.

      1. Thank you, when I downloaded the image it downloaded the webpage not the image file. Any suggestions? Btw I love your blog and am so happy I came across it!

        1. Go into your downloads folder and delete whatever mermaid images/webpages you’ve already downloaded (to get rid of the webpage downloads so you don’t accidentally open them instead of the svg). Then follow the directions in my last reply. Once you have the mermaid on the black screen, clicking on the downward arrow over a bar symbol located in the lower right of the screen will show you a button to download the file in svg format. That’s what you need to use to download just the image and not the whole webpage. Let me know how it goes. :^)

  33. Any issues applying this to more traditional cone-shaped cups? I saw another where the circle had to be warped slightly, so that the logo would lay straighter on the cups.

    1. I haven’t run into any issues yet that required distorting the design to make it fit or look good. The design isn’t wide enough to pose a problem, at least on my choice of cups/mugs so far. As you can see, the cups I used here have a decent taper to them, which I’ve found to be pretty typical of tapered travel mugs. Now, if you’re trying to apply this design to a coffee mug with a taper *and* a curve, that could pose a problem. Usually for cups like that I reduce the size of the design to avoid the curve, but at 1.5″ the mermaid is already about as small as you can go, so I would choose a tapered (or straight-sided), non-curved cup shape instead.

  34. I followed your instructions to download the mermaid and I am still getting the link address. Have they changed it somehow so it can’t be downloaded now?

    1. The software is super sensitive so it can sometimes be tricky to place text *exactly* where you want it. Try this: drag TEA into the middle of the red circle, then continue dragging it (TEA) down to the bottom of the circle until it “clicks” onto the circle. The text will smunch up and be on top of the line. To move TEA into the area below the line, move the slider bar downward until the tops of the letters are touching the circle. You’ll probably have to center TEA again and fiddle with character spacing to get the spacing you like. Let me know if that works! :^)
      As of Oct9/16 the free download file is updated to now include options for TEA, LATTE, and MOCHA in addition to COFFEE and NOT COFFEE, so you no longer have to make design changes to get those words on the lower part of the ring.

  35. Thank you for your files – and the patience you show answering all of the questions. I have read thru all of the questions and your responses, and don’t find this one asked.
    Trying to “center” the name is rather hard – actually I found impossible. Do you have some special technique for centering?
    Also when I follow your instructions for changing “coffee” to another word, how do I regroup or put design back together before adding the top name?
    THANK YOU again

    1. Centering the top name shouldn’t be a problem. You’re snapping it to the red circle and not any of the grey ones, right? The red circle is designed to be just that much larger than the center grey one, so that once you’ve snapped your name to it (red circle), the name should curve to fit perfectly in the ring. If you’re using the red circle and it’s not centerable, email me the the name you’re trying to use and I’ll run it through the process and see if I can resolve the problem.

      As for changing COFFEE to something else…I think there may be a problem with my instructions and I need to revise both the tutorial and the comment to the person just before you. :^0 Thanks for bringing this to my attention. :^) It’s a process I do intuitively when adjusting my own design and it looks like I may have missed a step. I’m going to go through the instructions today and see what I need to change. If you feel confident enough to try it before I get back with revised instructions, basically, you need to snap the new bottom word to a red circle (there’s only one in the file, so if you’re adding a top name *and* changing the bottom word, you’ll want to duplicate the red circle and your choice of text box size first). It’s also easiest to change the bottom word after you’ve completed STEP 6 and then in STEP 7 select the top name, the outer ring *and* the bottom word and turn the whole works into a compound path as in the STEP 7 instructions.

      So…I’m turning on the hold music while I go check this out… back soon. :^)

      ***EDITED OCT9/16***
      Thanks for your patience. I had planned to write up a tutorial with graphics on how to change the lower word to TEA/MOCHA/LATTE, but this is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, so pumpkin pie and turkey is trumping tutorial writing. ;^) I didn’t want you to have to wait several more days, so I created the rings for TEA, LATTE, and MOCHA and have included them along with COFFEE and NOT COFFEE in the free download. This means that if you use the revised download file (download from the same place—the new links are already active), you no longer have to make design changes to get those words on the lower part of the ring…it’s just a matter of dragging the right ring onto the matte and adding the top name. Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties with this. Happy Thanksgiving! :^)

  36. Thank you so much for your tutorial and file download-this is so helpful for beginners! I’m having trouble applying the design to my coffee mug without the Oracle 651 bunching. I used the slit trick and still didn’t get an even application. Any other tricks for this newbie on how to apply a circle design to a coffee mug?

    Thank you for your time!


    1. Hey, Stephanie! Are you using transfer tape to transfer the vinyl? If not, do. That’ll make a huge difference. Try that first…it’ll probably be the answer. If you’re already using transfer tape, the next thing to look at is the size of ring you’re trying to apply and the style of cup you’re trying to apply it to. Larger designs on curved surfaces (especially if there’s also a taper or vertical curve involved) are more prone to wrinkles and bunching. So if you have a combination of large design, tightly curved cup, and steep taper, that could be the issue. I resize mine (STEP 8) to 3″ and at that size it’s easily gone around the three or four different cup styles I’ve tried with no bunching or wrinkling, and I’ve never had to add slits to the design. Having said that, none of those cups had a vertical curve. I avoid vertical curves as much as possible, and definitely recommend newbies do so until they have some vinyl application experience under their belt because it’s such a challenge to get the vinyl on flat. But if you heat the cup with a hair dryer before applying the vinyl and periodically heat the vinyl as you apply it, it becomes a little more pliable and that makes it easier to coax it to lay flat. But even so, sometimes the design is just too large for the curve on the cup and even the most experienced of us can’t make it work. As for application technique, I start applying from the middle of the mermaid and gently move out rubbing and manipulating with my fingers to make sure the vinyl goes on flat. Hope that’s helpful. :^) Let me know how it goes!

  37. Hi! Just ran across this and I’m obsessed! However, I downloaded multiple times and everything is there except the middle part with the starbucks girl (or whatever that is lol). I don’t know what to do! All of the other parts are there except that! :(

    1. Silhouette doesn’t sell the Gibson font so you don’t need to use the Silhouette Store at all. Silhouette Studio (the software) has access to whatever fonts are installed on your computer, so you just have to download Gibson font (click on the download button at the link in the blog post), and install it to use it. In other words, it’s a computer thing, not a Silhouette thing…download and install it on you computer and then you can automatically use it in Silhouette Studio. For me, using Windows, to install a downloaded font means going to the file folder the font downloaded into, clicking on the zip file, then clicking on the font file. A window opens and I click the “install” button. The font is now installed on my computer and the next time I open Silhouette Studio, it’ll appear in the Text Style window as one of the font choices. If your Silhouette Studio software is open when you install a font, you’ll have to close it and reopen it for the font to be accessible in Studio. If you’re on a Mac…so sorry, I don’t know what the font installation process is…you could Google it. Good luck! :^)

  38. I installed the Gibson font, but when I use it in Silhouette Studio, the apostrophe is upside down. Any idea why or how to fix it? I see that the ones on your photos are in what seems to be the proper orientation.

    1. I know, right? :^) What’s with that wonky apostrophe in the Gibson font? What was the font designer thinking? LOL That wonkiness is why I didn’t use the Gibson apostrophe. The apostrophe in the file is actually a different font altogether, which is why the instructions in STEP THREE say “Highlight all of the letters from the left up to but not including the apostrophe. Type in the name you want in uppercase letters.” This way, you leave the good apostrophe in place, and when you type in the name you want, it’ll go in as Gibson.

    1. You’ve successfully downloaded the image…you’re halfway there! :^) If you can’t cut & paste, then import it into your working file by using the Merge function. With your working file open on the screen, click on “Merge” in the drop-down menu under “File” in the top left corner, and then navigate to where you downloaded the image and click on it to open it. It’ll open on your working screen, all ready to work with.

  39. This is going to sound like a crazy question and someone has asked it before, that you addressed. I have used this font several times with success. But this time, when I merged the name within the circle, the circle does not turn read. I have tried it multiple times again and it still does not turn red. Can you think of what I might be doing?

    1. Sorry you’re having trouble, Joy. STEP SEVEN isn’t font specific…it has to do with the compound path function not working properly for some reason. When I follow the directions in STEP SEVEN, it works for me no problem—and this issue rarely comes up even with thousands of downloads…you’re only the second person to comment about it—so it’s either user error or software error (more likely). What I recommend is two-fold:
      1. Make sure you’re following the steps exactly as they appear.
      2. Close Silhouette Studio, shut off your computer, turn it back on and try again with a fresh file (re-open the download file and start from scratch). With Silhouette Studio, sometimes if you’ve had things going for too long or a lot going on with big files etc., the software gets glitchy and a reboot will set things right again. Let me know how it goes. :^)

  40. Hi There, I am trying to trace the mermaid and there seems to be extra cut lines around the crown and hair. Every time I trace again the same thing happens! Any suggestions?

    1. Did you download the SVG or the image file? The SVG automatically has cut lines (you just have to turn them on in the Cut Settings window…no need to trace it). Tracing the SVG would add another set of cut lines. Could that be what happened?

  41. I have tried soon many things and followed your directions to the T. I cannot get the nose to stay put when cutting. Any other ideas? Thank you!

    1. Yeah, that nose. LOL. It’s so tiny.

      You didn’t say what your cut settings were so it’s hard for me to troubleshoot specifically, but if you’ve already slowed the Speed to 3, turned on Line Segment Overcut to 0.1 for Start & End (and be sure you do select a number…the default is zero, so if you turn on the Line Segment Overcut but don’t choose a number, nothing will happen), you’re using Double Cut, and you’ve rotated the mermaid 90 degrees, and the blade is *still* pulling up bits of vinyl, then the culprit is probably Thickness. Try reducing it by a couple and test cutting. You should be able to find that sweet spot where the blade cuts through *and* cuts cleanly. Settings will vary from machine to machine, but to give you an example, to cut adhesive vinyl on my machine I reduce the Thickness to 4 from the default 10.

  42. Thank you soooo much for this file. Im trying to put the outter ring on the reusable white $2 tumbler but cant figure out how to increase the inner circle to fit around the already present mermaid. Any advice?

    1. My understanding is that the mermaid on the reusable $2 cups isn’t a perfect circle, so you need a different file—one with a slight oval shape. You can try and adjust the circle in my file by dragging one of the sides, but it’ll take some trial and error. Good luck! :^)

  43. How do I overcome the case of the missing nose? Every time I cut out the siren logo the nose ends up missing. I am cutting at 2/3/9 on 651 vinyl on my silhouette cameo. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  44. Oh, that nose! :^) It’s so tiny, isn’t it? As you can tell from the blog post, the mermaid face was a challenge for me to figure out, too, but once I found my sweet spot, it’s worked every time since. It’s just a matter of figuring out what your sweet spot is. Here’s how I’d troubleshoot this…

    – First, what size are you cutting the mermaid medallion? I resized so my rings were 3″ in diameter, which put my mermaid at a little over 1.5″ (I just opened the file to check, and my mermaid is 1.58″ in diameter). I wouldn’t go any smaller than that. If yours is smaller, increase the size a little…the tiniest bit could make the difference (make sure it still fits in your rings ;^). You might even consider increasing the size of rings+mermaid a bit…even a 1/4″ larger could make all the difference.

    – You’re using 651, which is a good quality vinyl (Avery, 3M & MacTac are other good ones I know of), so that won’t be the issue. Cheaper vinyls tend to be “stickier”…that is, the adhesive tends to rebond after cutting, making it more likely to stick to the blade and pull out when the blade moves past.

    – When you say you’re cutting at 2/3/9, I’m interpreting that as Blade 2, Speed 3, Thickness 9. If so, your blade and speed are fine, but try reducing the thickness a couple at a time to see if that helps…test cut in between. You’re aiming for the minimum thickness required to still cut through the vinyl. Thickness is the pressure the blade puts on the material, so if you reduce the pressure, you reduce “drag”, and reduce the likelihood of the blade pulling up the corners and, yup, that nose. It’s more critical when cutting cardstock, but it can affect vinyl, too. I cut vinyl at thickness 4, but machines will vary so you may not have to go that low.

    – Turn on the Line Segment Overcut at 0.1 for both start and end (it’s important that you select the numbers because the default is zero, so if you turn on LSO but don’t select numbers, nothing will happen). Normally, when a blade comes to a corner, it just turns and carries on in the new direction. LSO causes the blade to cut slightly past a corner (so slight, you can’t see it in the cut piece), pull out of the material, turn, then reinsert into the material again to cut in the new direction. Less drag on the material, more likelihood of a clean corner.

    – Make sure your blade isn’t dull. A new blade cuts vinyl like butter, an old ‘ready-to-be-replaced’ blade pulls on the vinyl…again, the extra pull could be enough to dislodge that nose.

    – If your mat is old, try it with a new mat. If your mat is in mid-cycle…you know, not brand new, but still got a lot of life in it…cut the mermaid in the middle of the mat (or another under-used area) instead of the upper left (or wherever your go-to spot is where you cut most often). Repeated cuts in one area could depress the mat ever so slightly and affect an intricate cut such as our beloved mermaid nose.

    – Before cutting, change the orientation of the design so the mermaid crown points to the side and not the top. The blade passes over the vinyl in a different direction putting different forces on it.

    That’s all I can think of at the moment, but one or some of these things should do the trick for you. Good luck. Let me know how it goes!

  45. Hi Eff,
    I think I’m making easy, hard.
    I had been working for hours trying to make the starbucks decal and was getting close but with a lot of work and trial and error. Then I found your method and it just makes it so much easier with your already made templates. I Love it and will use it that way. I would like to take it a step further and make it a 3 layer decal with a white background instead of the transperant background. I have tried releasing compound path,making compound paths, modify subtract all and grouping to name a few and I always have something go wrong, like the “O” in “COFFEE” fills the whole circle and the “R” in my name also. There has to be an easier way than what I’m doing. I would appreciate it if you could help me. I think what I need is a solid white layer and then the green and black vinyl on top with registration marks. If there is a way to set it up to then go to advanced cutting to cut by color would make it super easy. Thanks, sorry for making this so long.

    1. Oh, darlin’, yes, yes, you’re making it far more complicated than it needs to be. Basically what you want is a plain white vinyl circle the same size as the largest ring. Here’s a quick way to get that: Once you’ve personalized your rings and resized them to the size you want, duplicate the design (to do that, select it, right-click, choose ‘Duplicate’ from the list that appears). Drag one copy off to the side (that’s the design you’ll cut from colored vinyl). Release the compound path on the second copy (to do that, select the design, right-click, choose, ‘Release Compound Path’ from the list), and then, with everything still selected, ungroup it (to do that, right-click, select ‘Ungroup’). This will separate the design into its separate components. Grab the outermost ring (it’s a circle the same size as your cuttable rings…this is what you’ll cut from white vinyl) and drag it off to the side with your cuttable design.

      For help with layering vinyl with registrations marks, see this post:

      1. Thank You very much. I realized that I really need the Green to be the background, then lay the White letters, white ring and center circle, then the black mermaid on top of that. I am still struggling but I will keep trying till I figure it out. Trouble comes in seperating the different colored layers. It would be easy if I could just cut by color, but in this case that does not seem to work either. Seems like it would be easy, but I have had a lot of trouble with it.
        I guess I need a video tutorial with step by step on how to accomplish this particular logo. It would teach us a lot about how compound paths, groups, modify and cut by color works. Any help will be appreciated.

        1. The different colored parts of the design are already separate, so you don’t need ‘cut by color’. You’ll have three parts: the green background (a circle), the white rings & letters, and the black mermaid (be sure to fill each with color…it makes it so much easier to keep track of everything. To change the fill color: ). Put three pieces of vinyl on your cutting mat: a green piece large enough to cut the circle, a white piece large enough to cut the rings & letters, and a black piece large enough to cut the mermaid. Then in the software, drag the circle, the rings/letters, and the mermaid into position on the mat so they’ll cut from the appropriate pieces of vinyl on the physical mat. Adjust your cut settings for vinyl and send it to cut…all three pieces at once.

          If you want to add registration marks to make the green & white easier to line up, then line up all three parts in Silhouette Studio (select all three (hold the shift key down to select more than one object at a time), use the ‘Align’ tool in the upper toolbar…click on ‘Center’. Add a pair of registration marks of your choice (I like 1/2″ stars) above the design, group the registration marks together (select both, right-click, choose ‘Group’ from the list), and duplicate twice (select it, right-click, choose ‘Duplicate’. Repeat). Then select and align all three registration mark pairs using the center align tool as above. Select one of the elements (whatever’s on top…the green circle or the white rings/text or the mermaid), and then hold the shift key down while you select the top pair of registration marks. Group them together and drag off the mat. Repeat with the other two elements…grouping each element with a pair of reg marks. Now fill each pair of registration marks with the color that matches the element it’s grouped with…green reg marks with green circle, white reg marks with white rings/text, black reg marks with the black mermaid. Now follow the cutting directions in the first paragraph (use pieces of vinyl large enough to cut each element plus the reg marks), and if you need instructions on how to use the reg marks to layer the three parts on your transfer tape and apply, follow the link in my previous reply.

          I hope that clarifies things. :^)

      2. Thank you so much for your prompt reply and help. I feel really dumb, but cannot get this to work. The letters and ring are not white, they are transparent and I cannot get them to fill with white to match my name. I will keep trying your suggestions and if that does not work, I will try the two layers, green and black. Thanks again, you are very good at giving instructions and appreciate your patience.

        1. If the rings/text refuse to fill with color, it sounds like you need to turn them into a compound path (Did you turn the rings/text into a compound path, as in STEP SEVEN? A design made of more than one component won’t fill properly with color until it’s been made into a compound path, so it’s important to do that at the end.) To do that now…select everything (the rings/text), then right-click, choose ‘Make Compound Path’ from the list. Now try to fill rings/text with color. Did that work? :^)

          P.S. Change all your line colors to none. That will help you see exactly what will cut.

  46. Hi! I’m wanting to create the ring with a couple different variations at the top (Bride, Bridesmaid, Matron of Honor) and the bottom to say the date instead of coffee (7.16.17). Would you mind telling me how to change the bottom to that date easily? Thank you!

  47. To change the bottom to a date… When you open the file, duplicate the red circle and the AAAA text box (you’ll need one of each to add the name at the top and one of each to change the bottom words to the date). Drag any of the rings on the left onto the mat. With those rings still selected, right-click, select ‘Release Compound Path’ from the list, and then one-by-one delete all the letter parts at the bottom of the circle. Follow STEP TWO, STEP THREE (add your date instead of a name), and STEP FOUR above, but in STEP FOUR instead of dragging the date text box to the top of the circle, drag it to inside the circle and “snap it” to the bottom of the circle. This will smunch all the letters together. To fix that, slide the toggle down the line until the letters are under the circle with the tops of the letter just touching the circle.

    Toggle on text to path

    If the letters are spaced too far apart as mine are above, adjust the Character Spacing in the Text Style window.

    Drag the date (attached to a now grey circle) on top of the rings and position so the date is centered at the bottom of the circles. With the date text box selected, either a bright green box or a grey one, right-click, then select ‘Convert to Path’. This will separate the date from the circle. Drag the circle off the mat and delete (make sure you grab the right circle).

    Select all of the rings, stars, and the date and group together (right-click, then select ‘Group’), and duplicate as many times as you need for the personalized top words you want.

    Follow the tutorial starting at STEP TWO to add BRIDE or whatever words you want at the top.

    And yo, that’s it. :^)

  48. I cannot get the mermaid to cut on the silhouette. I went through the steps on here and all it did was cut out a square? I know I’m missing something. Please help!

    1. There are instructions in this post for two different file formats. The SVG format (for which you need the Designer Edition of the Silhouette Software to be able to use), and a .png file. The SVG file is similar to Sil Studio files in that it comes with cut lines in all the right places. The .png file, on the other hand, is a regular image file (like a jpeg, gif etc), with no cut lines. Essentially, the software knows it’s a picture, but doesn’t know what it’s a picture of. It sounds like you’ve downloaded the .png file. If you have the Designer Edition of Sil Studio, the easiest solution is to download the SVG format (instructions are in the post…look for the “The Mermaid…” subheading). If you don’t have the Designer Edition, then you need to trace the image in order to add the cut lines (instructions for that are also in the post…again, under the “The Mermaid…” subheading). If you still can’t make it work, let me know. :^)

      1. Thank you. I have the svg file version. When I click on the mermaid in the studio and then click on cut settings and then click on cut, that’s when a red box appears and when I send it to the silhouette it only cuts out the box?

        1. No, I’m pretty sure you don’t have the SVG because that wouldn’t give you a square. I think what might be confusing is the file name. Go to your downloads folder and check it. You’ll have one of these two files. This one:

          Starbucks_Corporation_Logo_2011.svg which is the SVG file (the file name ends with .svg).

          or this one:

          Starbucks_Corporation_Logo_2011.svg.png which is the .png file (the file name ends with .png).

          The .png file name contains “svg”, but the file extension (the last thing in the file name) is .png, so it’s a png file. If you’re working from the .png file, you need to trace it to get the cut lines around the mermaid. If you have the Designer Edition of the software, follow the link again and click on the download symbol (not the “More Details” button) to grab the SVG file. Let me know if you’re still having trouble. :^)

          1. This is the file name for the logo that I have: 297px-Starbucks_Corporation_Logo_2011.svg

  49. As you’ve got it here, this definitely indicates an .svg file, *if* .svg is the file extension and not part of the file name. Before you copied and pasted the file name, did it have a .png at the end? Please go to the directory and look carefully at it. A copy and paste of a file name from a directory usually leaves off the final extension…the part that indicates file type. For example, when I copy and paste the .png version of the mermaid it reads as you’ve got here…with .svg at the end, when in fact, that’s part of the file name…the file extension that follows (but is missing from the cut and paste) is .png, which means it’s a .png file. In contrast, when I copy and paste the SVG version, I get Starbucks_Corporation_Logo_2011 (just the file name, without the .svg extension).

    That your file name was adjusted to add “297px-” also says this isn’t an SVG file. SVG files are made of lines and points, not pixels, so there wouldn’t be a pixel number attached to an SVG file. Because it’s not made of pixels, you can enlarge an SVG as much as you want without it pixelating. Try doing that with the mermaid you have…drag a corner and make it 5x the size of your mat. If it stays sharp, you have an SVG, if it pixelates and gets fuzzy, you have a .png (or other pixel-based image such as jpg or gif).

    What I suggest to avoid all this confusion is to delete all versions of the file you’ve already downloaded. Then follow the directions in the post for downloading the SVG. In the mermaid section, those are the instructions for if you have the Designer Edition software on your computer. Did you get a different file? Is it working now? Please let me know how it goes.

  50. I traced it and it worked! Is there a trick to applying it where the spacing is better? I tried applying the mermaid first and then the green and it’s all off.

    Should I have done the green first and then the mermaid? TIA!

    1. Yay! Glad you got it to work. :^)

      I find it easier to apply the mermaid first and then the rings on top, but you could try it with rings first…that might work better for you. Whichever one you do first, it’s tricky. I’ve muckied up a few decals over time (good thing they’re small and easy to re-cut! :^). I hold the transfer tape with the left and right side slightly up, so the first contact is the center, rather than the whole thing. That way if I need to re-position it, the decal doesn’t have a lot of surface area adhering, so it’s easier to gently unstick it to reposition. You can also eliminate the complication of the mug roundness (so awkward to apply to sometimes), by not applying transfer tape to the mermaid, but instead applying the transfer tape to the rings and then adding the mermaid to the same piece of transfer tape, then applying mermaid & rings to the mug at the same time. That allows you to work on a flat work surface, so it may be easier to get the mermaid centered.

  51. What a great tutorial! Thanks so much! I’m going to try to do this for Christmas gifts…fingers crossed! I’m a beginner so your instructions are so helpful!

    I have downloaded and traced the mermaid, however I’m unable to separate the mermaid from the original Starbucks Logo that I downloaded (I am able to put just the mermaid into the circles that I have personalized). What stepped have I forgotten or missed? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    1. The goal is to put the mermaid into the personalized rings, and you said you can do that, so I’m afraid I don’t understand what the problem is. Sorry! :^) The only thing I can think of to tell you is that after you’ve traced an image, you can separate it into its component parts by releasing the compound path (select it, right-click, choose ‘Release Compound Path’). Then you can select individual components to move or delete them. Does that help? If not, comment again with more detail and I’ll try to solve it for you then.

      1. Thanks for your help! I was able to figure it out by going back to your link about tracing. Releasing the compound path was a helpful tip and then I deleted the outer rings of the downloaded SB design. Thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate it!

  52. Thanks again for your awesome tutorial! Very easy to follow! I’m just having trouble cutting my mermaid from the vinyl. I’ve gone through your ‘Quick Tips’ for cutting….I checked my material type (it’s set to Vinyl, glossy), I reduced the cutting speed down to 2, I reduced my thickness down to 3, I rotated my image of the mermaid 90 degrees Clockwise, bought a new blade, and a new mat. I even enlarged my mermaid image to 1.89 so the design wouldn’t be so intricate. I’ve also turned on the ‘Line Segment Overcut’ feature and put in 0.1 for the start and end ext. I’m using an Oracle 651 Glossy Black vinyl sheet. Could the problem be that the vinyl is glossy? Should I try a black matte sheet instead? I’ve printed this mermaid about 20 times with various adjustments.

    I’m also wondering when “Double Cut” is checked, is it likely to pull the vinyl? Would it be safer to not do the double cut? I’ve been able to do basic crafts with my silhouette, but I’m a newbie to vinyl and transfer tape. Any guidance would be appreciated! Thanks so much!!

    1. Wow…you’ve done “all the things” as the kids say these days. LOL. These are what worked for me. Hmm…the only things I can think of to suggest are:
      1. Try it with double cut turned off (it worked better for me with it on, but it does mean a second pass over the design so twice the opportunity to pull up the vinyl)
      2. Try reducing Thickness even more…as long as the blade is cutting through the material you can keep reducing it, and if you get to 0 Thickness and it’s still cutting through, decrease the blade by one and play with Thickness again (probably starting at a higher number).
      3. Try the matte vinyl and see if that makes a difference. It feels a little more substantial to me than the glossy, so the matte may work when the glossy didn’t.
      4. Enlarge the whole design a bit.
      Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

    1. I love it, too. I wish I could find more. Unfortunately, it was a no-name cup I found at a local liquidation place. I bought what was left on the shelf and haven’t been able to find them again since. Good luck in your search. :^)

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