Harry Potter “Free Dobby” Odd Sock Collector

…a Silhouette project – heat transfer vinyl on slate


Harry Potter "Free Dobby" odd sock collector from Whatchaworkinon.com
It’s the second Monday of the month, and that means it’s Silhouette Challenge time again! This month’s theme is $5 & UNDER with a bonus theme of GLITTER. And, yes, ma’am, I hit ’em both. Be sure to check the end of this post for links to the awesome Silhouette-on-the-cheap projects my fellow challengers created this month.

Now for my Silhouette-on-the-cheap project: A “Free Dobby” sock holder to collect odd socks until the mates can be found.

Harry Potter "Free Dobby" odd sock collector from Whatchaworkinon.com
I disposed of our (very full) odd sock bin before our cross-country move last summer. Hey, if the mates didn’t show up while cleaning and organizing for the movers, they weren’t gonna, right? So in the new house, we started fresh with no odd socks, and a better chance there wouldn’t be any…at least for a while.

Sure enough, it’s taken a year for odd socks to emerge from the dryer. And not just one, but TWO (gasp!) in as many days. The mates are here someplace. What to do with the odd ones until the mates show up?

I’d seen several “Free Dobby” signs float through my Pinterest feed, and since I’m not one to ignore an opportunity to inject a little whimsy and literature into life, decided that’s what I would make.

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What you need…

The base…Corner Closeup of "Free Dobby" Sign

The slate base, which I found at my local liquidation store, was originally intended to be a cheese tray, but once I’d forked over a whole dollar (plus tax!), it was mine-mine-mine to do with what I wished. Buh-bye, cheese tray; hello, sock sign.

First up: get out the cordless drill and make a hole in each corner large enough for the wire to pass through easily.

The Words…

I chose HTV instead of adhesive vinyl for this project because the slate had quite a texture to it and I didn’t think adhesive vinyl would get into all the tiny contours. HTV, on the other hand, melts and gets into cracks and crevices, making for a good vinyl “stick”. If you’re new to HTV or you need a refresher, check out How I Work with HTV for detailed info about using HTV

Before cutting, be sure to mirror the design—alwaysalways when using heat transfer vinyl (to mirror, select the design, right-click, select ‘Flip Horizontally’). Cut the “Free Dobby” words on your Silhouette (use the heat transfer vinyl flocked material setting). Note that the dots aren’t included…they’ll come later.

Harry Potter "Free Dobby" odd sock collector from Whatchaworkinon.comWeed the design. Set aside the weeded bits (don’t throw them away). Position the design where you want it on the slate, set the iron at its highest setting of about 300º-305º, cover the design with an old pillow case, and press the heck out of it…lots of pressure. I usually use a Teflon sheet instead of a pillowcase, but there was no chance of scorching the slate (my problem when using a pillowcase on other projects) and the pillowcase fabric helped push the HTV into all the nooks and crannies of the slate for a better hold. Carefully peel off the carrier sheet.

The dots…

Take a regular hole punch to the weeded HTV bits that you set aside and punch six dots…or as many as you wish. Feel free to go dot crazy if you like..Harry Potter "Free Dobby" odd sock collector from Whatchaworkinon.com
Glittery side up, position the dots on the slate. Press as you did the letters.

Harry Potter "Free Dobby" odd sock collector from Whatchaworkinon.comHarry Potter "Free Dobby" odd sock collector from Whatchaworkinon.com

The wire…

Thread three strands of heavy duty florist wire through one of the top holes and wind a 2″ tail around the wire to secure. Repeat with the other top hole, leaving enough wire between the holes to create an eye-pleasing hanger.
Harry Potter "Free Dobby" odd sock collector from Whatchaworkinon.com

The sock part…

Thread three strands of florist wire through one of the bottom holes and wind a 2″ tail around the wire to secure (as you did on the top). Thread clothespins onto the wire. I sent the wire through the spring hole. Harry Potter "Free Dobby" odd sock collector from Whatchaworkinon.com
If you have a large family with a propensity for odd socks, load up the wire with clothespins. So far, seven has been enough for us, but I can always untwist the wire and add more later if needed.

Once all the clothespins are threaded, thread the wire through the other bottom hole, leaving enough wire between the holes so the socks hang nicely. Wind a 2″ tail around the wire to secure.

And…the sign is all ready to hang in the laundry room to corral those odd socks! Harry Potter "Free Dobby" odd sock collector from Whatchaworkinon.com Harry Potter "Free Dobby" odd sock collector from Whatchaworkinon.com

At the rate we’re generating odd socks around here, we’ll be able to free Dobby in no time!

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12 thoughts on “Harry Potter “Free Dobby” Odd Sock Collector

    1. LOL… Thanks, Camila! I enjoy adding literary references wherever I can. This sign makes me smile every time I see it…hey, it’s good to find something to smile about while doing laundry! :^)

    1. Thanks, Pam! I saw the “looking for sole mates” version after I’d embarked on this one. Love the “Single, looking for clean…” saying…so clever. I may have to make one them as well. Dobby might get too full…or adopted by a kid or something. :^)

    1. You’re welcome, Sarah! Yes, the slate was quite a find. Didn’t know what I was going to do with it at the time, but picked up a few anyway. So glad I did!

    1. I know, right? Oh, the possibilities…

      I haven’t tried applying HTV to wood (I used a piece of slate for this project), but you can apply HTV to pretty much any surface that can withstand the heat, and I imagine wood would fit very comfortably on the list of materials. Gonna try it some day.

  1. Ok, HTV on a non-fabric surface??? My mind is blown! I had never thought about that before…but how smart to use it on a textured surface like that. Love the finished product, too – so fun (and practical – gosh it’s amazing how many single socks I accumulate around here)! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I know, right? :^) You can apply HTV to pretty much any surface that can withstand the heat. I’ve been having fun experimenting. Sure opens up the possibilities for colors and finishes. Thanks for stopping by!

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